The amount of Christmas decorations I have are fine; just enough to make the studio room festive. For the whole house however, we had way too many Christmas decorations. We had decorations we hadn’t put up in years even before my mom got sick and a few we never put out at all. Now that she’s gone and he’s gotten older he doesn’t want to put out all those decorations, just a small tree and a few things to make it look like Christmas. So this week my Dad and I went through the decorations and lightened our load.

The pictures you’ll be seeing in this week’s report is not from that project. I didn’t take any. The dishes project was a rarity. Usually when I help my dad out I don’t take pictures because he doesn’t really care about the blog so much as getting it done. Instead, to break the text wall, I’ll be using images of my own Christmas decorations for the benefit of your eyes.

We had about six or seven boxes worth of decorations to go through. From tree decorations to little trees to Nativities (we had three of them somehow) to knickknacks and other decorations, we had a lot to go through. If it sounds like I’m exaggerating it took us about an hour to go through so judge for yourself. A lot of them were stuff we hadn’t put out in a long time and wanted to put out again. My dad chose the tree he wanted and we found our old Nativity.

This is not that Nativity.

So how did we decide what decorations to keep? Those with sentimental value like my old Christmas mobile and personalized items came first. We also saved the ornaments that would fit on the little tree he’s using or the tree for my studio. All of the large bulbs and lights were among the stuff to get rid of since we won’t be putting up the large tree anymore. We don’t really have the space with our current configuration and there isn’t any reason to do all that extra work since only one of us has a kid, and that kid is me. A small tree is fine.

Next we kept stuff that we thought it would be fun to have around the house. I talked him into keeping the outdoor decorations which I’ll put out early in December unless I feel like putting them out this week. The exception is this one otherwise cute outdoor plush set of Santa and other Christmas icons climbing a ladder that you hang from the gutter. Even if the snow isn’t rising you can’t really see it unless you’re close to it so I don’t see the point. My dad doesn’t want to put them out at all but I still like the idea of making the outside at least a little festive. Since my mom’s been sick and I’ve been sick and trying to find work we haven’t had a lot of Christmas spirit but I want to try to bring that back.

It would be nice if I could have a proper backdrop for this display but that’s a future goal.

That’s why another thing I wanted to keep was a Christmas village set cobbled together from other sets my mom picked up. I want to see how we decorate this year and come up with an idea how and where to set it up for next year. Or maybe this year if I figure something out. I like setting up displays like that (which is why I went for the multiple piece Nativity and was happy to find a Santa and reindeer that came from my favorite Christmas special) and it was a nice village when we had it up. While digging we found a full set one of my cousins must have given to my mom that we might not have put out before, so this should be one big village. Or I can alternate buildings each Christmas and have a fresh display. That’s an option as well.

So what actually went? I won’t hang the outside lights and we don’t need the indoor lights anymore either. Decorations we never put out and didn’t really interest us, like the big statues and other things. There was this snowman wreath my mom liked that would play a song if anyone so much as breathed in its general direction because the motion detector was way to sensitive. Dad and I never really liked that one, but we did same other decorations she really liked. We want her part of Christmas even if she’s only part of our memories now. Anything we really didn’t want to put out when in the going area.

Now the boxes are reduced to maybe three. We have relatives who may want some of these items. For example my aunt and uncle decided not to spend Winters in Florida anymore because it became too much trouble and their family is up here, so they need some new decorations. The rest we plan to donate to a nearby church since their thrift store will have people looking for decorations who can’t afford the big store prices or the poor who could use a little holiday cheer. This way we know they’re most likely going to someone who needs them, which is in keeping with Christmas I think. We’ll still be decorating and I’ll be putting stuff out December 1st or when time allows like I do every year. We just don’t need every square inch of the house covered in Christmas decorations that are only going to be out a month. We don’t have people coming over that often. It’s just enough that we feel like it’s Christmas and can get into the holiday spirit. That’s good enough right now.