Update on this phase. Due to things happening during the week I didn’t get to devote as much attention as I planned to this part of the project, the one where I went over all the card backs with Transformers tech specs and other profiles, but I did go over them. I did send some stuff to recycling bin while still keeping stuff for a future art project that I still think I need. With that I moved on to the next part of art corner clean-up.

With the keyboard shelf now cleaned out of junk it was time to look at the middle shelf. (The bottom shelf will have to wait until I’ve continued my comic project and hopefully cleared up space for the comics sitting there to go where they belong.) This shelf has collected a bunch of various things. Primarily it’s where I have artwork that won’t fit in my huge art binder because of the paper size. See, most of the art was done on 8X11 paper because that’s what I used for years. It’s what goes into copiers or computer printers and that’s what was available. When I switched to Bristol Boards the smallest I could find was 9X12, and I can’t find binder sleeves that hold 9X12. This includes not only lineart for the comics I make but work on title cards for videos and other things I’ve worked on. Throw in a few magazines and it’s become something of a disaster. So this week the goal was to make this look less terrible.