This is turning out to be a more involved project that anticipated and at this point I’m only doing it to myself. I think it’s because unlike the comic organizing mega-project I can go through and get this finished without dedicating my life to it and move on to something new. It may also be one of those projects that’s a long time coming. Even doing this a few pieces of software are still missing, although I did find a few productivity and art programs. Still don’t know what happened to Sonic Heroes.

If you recall from last week I was trying to figure out how to store my software. I just realized as I was writing this sentence that I have more than two categories. I have the games, the drivers, the art software, the productivity software, and a few “interactive cybercomics”, which means I have to figure out what to do with all of that. Right now though I’m focusing on the games. Here’s my current progress.