This is turning out to be a more involved project that anticipated and at this point I’m only doing it to myself. I think it’s because unlike the comic organizing mega-project I can go through and get this finished without dedicating my life to it and move on to something new. It may also be one of those projects that’s a long time coming. Even doing this a few pieces of software are still missing, although I did find a few productivity and art programs. Still don’t know what happened to Sonic Heroes.

If you recall from last week I was trying to figure out how to store my software. I just realized as I was writing this sentence that I have more than two categories. I have the games, the drivers, the art software, the productivity software, and a few “interactive cybercomics”, which means I have to figure out what to do with all of that. Right now though I’m focusing on the games. Here’s my current progress.

I have the software organized by operating system, which was the goal I started on last week. Over the course of the week I managed to get that done but I was still on the question of how to store it all so I can find everything. What I did know is that I don’t want to have the software that doesn’t run on the main computer lumped in with the stuff that will. The desktop is the one with the scanner while the laptop is mostly set up for drawing and pre-Vista gameplay, the latter out of necessity and having an XP-running computer. I do want to put other art pieces on there. I can always transfer things though some programs work on only one of the operating systems. That’s part of the sorting question, separating ones that only work on Vista, only work on XP, and the ones that still run both, not counting what I don’t want or need anymore.

My focus now is on the games. The games I know won’t run on the Vista either through memory or testing I’m putting in this rack. I still need to get rid of that Wrestlemania: The Arcade Game for DOS because I never got it to run right and I was hoping for a wrestling game. I did that review a long time ago. One of the videos I had on there is even gone as of this writing but you’ll see how it should have run. So I may go pull that. I have the DOS Box emulator program on Vista so I might try a few of those in the future but it’s a bit of extra work. If I can just run it straight I’d like to.

I have a two of these folding racks for quick storage. I’m guessing they’re meant for temporary usage otherwise why bother having them folding up when you need them to hold the CDs? The games I have gotten to work I’ve been putting in the usual game rack near the computer. When this is all done I’ll have the Vista software there, which I will test at some point to see if they’re XP compatible and will mark them as such, but right now I’m just seeing what does or doesn’t run on the main computer. If something won’t run on the laptop either or I have better software that runs on both I may see if I can sell or otherwise get rid of them as well since I won’t need them. That should keep the CD-Roms organized between the two computers.

Someday after I have money coming in again I’d like to upgrade the desktop and get a more modern laptop but I still want to keep the old one and I want to at least finish all these games while I can still play them. I still need to find a way to record the footage for that video game review show but right now seeing if I can even run anything and putting them in proper order is the project. More on it next week as I test more software.