This is more of a quick update than a full article. I’m still going through my old software and seeing what works on the Vista computer…which is sadly not a lot. I think the purge list would be higher if I didn’t have the XP laptop given how many of the games I’ve tried will not run on the Vista computer, which means even if I upgrade to 8 or 10 at some point they won’t run on those either without some emulator or “virtual machine”, a way to run old operating systems like it was an emulator or something to that effect.

I put in a newer game just to see if anything was running…but it’s a game that runs NVidia’s “Phys-X” engine, which really doesn’t like the Logitech controller I have. At some point I’m going to have to get an X-Box controller–probably an old used one because I don’t think they make wireless controllers for the 360 and finding an older X-Box controller new would probably be hard and expensive. Thus far I have gone through most of my Windows 95 games and some of them work but most of them don’t. None of the DOS games work of course. The ones that work I put where I’ve been storing the games and the ones that don’t on that rack I showed you last week.

This one.

And this is when I realize that I shouldn’t have bothered sorting them alphabetically, just by operating system since I’m going to have to redo the alphabetical again once I’m done. Oops. Still, work is progressing and when I’m done with the Vista I’ll move to the XP to see if that runs any of the games Vista doesn’t. What won’t run will join the purge, along with anything I just don’t want anymore for whatever reason. Although, I may review the non-game software at some point just because it might be interesting to people. I’m hoping in the next few weeks (I’m working on some other non-clutter related projects but I want to do at least something on this one every week) I’ll be cleared on Vista and can move to the older system to see if anything works.

That’s what I’m focused on, whether or not it works rather than whether or not I enjoy or want to finish the games. Of course I want to finish the games, unless they get me so mad I want to drop them. If I can still run them I want to at least give them more than a short play through. If I can finish the Windows 95 games this week I’d be happy. I have seven left plus some of those sampler disks that may or may not work. I’ll keep you up to date on my progress.