The Software Organizing Project part 7

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I know there was no article last week but the short version is medicine I was given to aid in my Crohn’s management backfired and I got really sick that Saturday. I only got off sick leave a few days ago on my daily media review site. I therefore had nothing to report and wasn’t in any condition to report it anyway. Luckily it was additional medicine and it didn’t affect my usual medicine, nor was it a major requirement. I’ll live.

I’ve hit another barrier with this project as well, and it’s one that’s going to delay the completion until I solve it. This week I did take a few moments to test some more software, but given I’m way behind on a video project for my other site I’ve tried to push for that after I was feeling better. However, that wasn’t the problem and I’m kind of padding for the homepage at this point. I did test some software on the laptop finally though so I do have something positive to report.



Book Report: Kingdom Of The Dwarfs (original edition)


cover for the illustrated book

I’m not typically a fantasy fan, which is odd given my all-time favorite movie is The NeverEnding Story. I do like the occasional dip into the genre but as a whole it’s not really my cup of tea. And yet I ended up with this book.

In the 1990s Comico was offering an audition kit, filled with the kinds of things you would need to audition to work at the comic book company. Out of curiosity and wanting to get into comics I ordered one since it was being offered through the usual comic catalog my local comic store at the time was using. It included samples of Comico’s offerings at the time, a way to show potential creators what they were looking for. None of the offerings really matched the kinds of stories I like to tell, and thus I never even attempted to send anything in for review. It wasn’t the same comic it was in the 1980s, when I would read issues of Robotech or other licensed properties. Not that they were bad stories mind you, just not the kind that interested me as a creator or even a reader.

Part of these samples was an illustrated book called Kingdom Of The Dwarfs, released in a comic book format but it’s not a comic book. There are no word balloons or comic panels. It’s a book with some rather amazing illustrations by artist David Wenzel, and written by Robb Walsh. I’ve been trying to get this review done for the past few weeks, not because it’s that large. It really isn’t. It is more a question of personal interest than anything else.


The Software Organizing Project part 6

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I didn’t get to do anything in the project itself but yet I do have an update. During the time off I did find some of my old CD wallets. One someone got me from a bank here in Connecticut, one is a hard case my dad gave me, and the third I bought myself. It’s a zipper case that can hold a lot of CDs or DVDs or CD-Roms. This one I actually had some disks in, which means more to go through. I thought all that was in there were some media storage, but I took a look inside to see exactly what I have and…

…I found my copy of Sonic Heroes! Turns out they were in there the whole time. I knew I still had them! And that’s not all I found in there.