I didn’t get to do anything in the project itself but yet I do have an update. During the time off I did find some of my old CD wallets. One someone got me from a bank here in Connecticut, one is a hard case my dad gave me, and the third I bought myself. It’s a zipper case that can hold a lot of CDs or DVDs or CD-Roms. This one I actually had some disks in, which means more to go through. I thought all that was in there were some media storage, but I took a look inside to see exactly what I have and…

…I found my copy of Sonic Heroes! Turns out they were in there the whole time. I knew I still had them! And that’s not all I found in there.

This is an example of what I knew was in there, a series of DVDs featuring fan-made subtitles of anime that at the time wasn’t licensed here in the US. (Since then at least one has been that I know of.) I also have some fan-made dubs in particular and one pack-in free DVD, all about Transformers. What I didn’t know is I have other software in there as well.

For example I have this demo disk, released to promote Sam Rami’s first Spider-Man movie. I forget which cereal this came with, but it features a bunch of extras about the movie and a demo of the Spider-Man video game. Oddly it’s not the movie-based game but an earlier one more based on the Marvel comics of the time. I since picked up the full version. It’s the one I mentioned previously where Spider-Man runs around in circles during the tutorial. I’m betting this won’t work in the Vista desktop either.

I have productivity software in here too. This is for a program called Turbo Publisher, a media program. So I have more software to go over and more games to try out. At least I found my Sonic Heroes game finally.