I know there was no article last week but the short version is medicine I was given to aid in my Crohn’s management backfired and I got really sick that Saturday. I only got off sick leave a few days ago on my daily media review site. I therefore had nothing to report and wasn’t in any condition to report it anyway. Luckily it was additional medicine and it didn’t affect my usual medicine, nor was it a major requirement. I’ll live.

I’ve hit another barrier with this project as well, and it’s one that’s going to delay the completion until I solve it. This week I did take a few moments to test some more software, but given I’m way behind on a video project for my other site I’ve tried to push for that after I was feeling better. However, that wasn’t the problem and I’m kind of padding for the homepage at this point. I did test some software on the laptop finally though so I do have something positive to report.

I tried two games from my test list, ones I remember the computer playing before. Sonic Heroes kept telling me I need to be on an administrative account, but it’s the only account on the computer so I know something is wrong. Batman: Vengeance would install but wouldn’t start playing. I’m trying something I think might work because a lot of problems started when I updated the Vista desktop in 2016, because apparently 2016 didn’t do enough damage to me. So I’m trying to remove all of those updates and hoping that works rather than having to reinstall Windows again. If I have to do that then I need to stop this project until I can reorganize my files on the back-up drive (which is long overdue), back-up everything important, and try to do a fresh reinstall from the ground up in the hopes something will work. I know the updates already interfere with my video editor, which is why I have to steal time on my dad’s computer where I can get it to run. This has kept the video I’ve been working on since March delayed along with other things, like getting sick. Somehow organizing physical clutter is EASIER than the virtual clutter.

I did get to test two pieces of the software I’m hoping will run on the XP laptop; another Sonic game and another superhero game, interestingly enough. Sonic And Knuckles Collection, an official port of Sonic 3 And Knuckles for Sega Genesis, ran (at least fullscreen–in a window the sucker moves at sonic speed and really can’t be played–I’m pretty sure that’s irony) but won’t recognize the gamepad. It might be because the gamepad for the laptop is a USB one and it may only recognize one connected through the abandoned gaming parallel port…except being an old laptop it still has one. Which means I now feel stupid for getting rid of the old Sidewinder I had because I didn’t think I’d ever have a computer that can use it again. This is what I talk about when discussing how tossing everything out isn’t the best form of decluttering unless you’re an unsafe hoarder who has gone way too far not to mass toss. I’ve been trying to avoid that level, hence this website to get me to organize and expel clutter. I should have kept that controller but how was I to know I’d end up with an older laptop? Or any laptop? This was a gift when I started going to conventions rather than borrowing my parents’.

(By the way, my dad got a new laptop since his old one started working and part of the delay was trying to get it started up. This week. As I was coming off of sick leave. Nice timing, universe!)

The other game I tried was Spider-Man, and that had no problem acknowledging the Gravis Gamepad Pro I use for the laptop. While that running glitch I mentioned previously still showed up it only happened once as I was trying to set up the controls to something I could follow. I’m always happy to see full control customizing in a video game partly because of preference in where my attack and action buttons are and partly because some PC controllers have to be set up differently from each other. Something for you any of you game designers out there to consider.

So I have to get that video review done, finish pulling updates (which has to be done one at a time because Vista was always a pain), still do my other chores and projects all before I can get back to this. Unless I get sick again (and I’m also going to lose the next two Saturdays to Free Comic Book Day–important to my other site–and a family gathering–important to ME personally) I’m going to put this aside for now, when I thought I would be done already. This is taking longer than I thought, which shows you how badly I messed this up in the first place. I’m going to do something simple for this site until then and get back to Transformer reviews. I can mess with those easily during the week and just do a photo shoot and an article, but if I don’t get the chance in these next two weeks you know what came up. I do have my priorities straight after all. I hope.