While the Dinobots were a popular team from the original years of the Transformers toyline (referred to by fans as “G1”, short for “Generation One”, as opposed to the later “Generation Two”) they are not the only ones to bear the name. In Beast Wars you had Dinobot, one character, and during the time of Beast Machines another toyline came out called Dinobots. These were also original characters, but using molds from the Beast Wars and Japan-exclusive Beast Wars Neo figures. While not appearing on any of the shows they did appear in convention-exclusive comics, which told of their being formatted into dinosaurs because reasons. Or maybe I’m just forgetting the reason.

The leader of this band of Dinobots was T-Wrecks, a redeco of Beast Wars Megatron’s first dinosaur mode, a Tyrannosaurus Rex. Having never had Megatron’s toy in this mold (although I do have the original alligator and his other dinosaur and dragon forms, I was really looking forward to this version. Was it worth the wait?

I’m not getting into the “lizard versus bird” origins of dinosaurs. This is what we thought they might look like at the time, that’s how I’m judging it.

T-Wrecks may have a silly name but he has a beautiful T-Rex mode. Megatron’s more purplish scheme is replaced with a brown that I think looks better. While we don’t know what color they actually were this just feels right. While you can see some of his robot legs from behind (a necessary evil at the time) it’s less obvious than some other Beast Era Transformers we’ll be seeing in the future. The blue top works better than Megatron’s green top as does T-Wrecks’ green eyes. With only a few robot mode hints it just looks really good.

T-Wrecks was so hungry he tried to eat his own missile.

While posing is sadly limited on this figure, reduced to the arms as far as getting him into a good position, he does have a neat gimmick in that the missile pods on his dino legs pop out. These are also useful in robot mode, and fire the crossbow like thing in his mouth for this photo. They have some decent range for play and don’t otherwise get in the way. His dino legs are limited by how they would look right compared to an actual dinosaur. His toes can fold down but I don’t see that being at all useful to either mode. Folding them up would have allowed for more walking or running poses.

I have to hold his mouth open because it’s spring-loaded, which is necessary for his other gimmick.

Additionally, Megatron, and by extension T-Wrecks, had another gimmick. By opening the jaw you could activate the squirt gun in his mouth, some kind of poison spit I guess despite this not being a T-Rex ability. To fill the squirt gun up you have to basically rip out his jaw to get to the hole you pour the water into. I don’t think I’ve ever tried the gimmick and probably won’t in the future, so I can’t comment on how well this works.

Don’t mind him. He’s a bit shy today.


Now we get into robot mode. The early Beast Wars figures had this “mutant head” gimmick, usually some kind of mask that more resembled the animal the robot turned into. The idea would be dropped eventually but T-Wrecks still has Megatron’s, treated as the same kind of battle mask later seen in the Bay movies by the convention comics. I kind of like the idea, although the battle mask thing actually started in the Dreamwave comics as a nod to some toys having a different face than would be seen in the cartoons and I’m sure most of you don’t care at this point. T-Wrecks’s mutant head/battle mask adds a new lighter color along with his torso, which breaks up the color nicely. I’m not sure about the new blue joints on the robot arms, but blue is my favorite color and it does sort of match the blue spine so I let it pass.

I also don’t have a problem with the beast head being used as a hand. I’m kind of used to it since Beast Wars used that short cut more than once and it does make it useful in robot mode. The tail claw on the other hand I can do without. Megatron in the Beast Wars cartoon was shown to actually be holding the tail like a weapon and having a regular robot left arm, which makes more sense to me. I also can’t get the quick attack gimmick to work with the tail claw and it makes posing and that stage of the transformation a bit difficult. It was a nice try but never worked for me.


Again I wish the feet folded up instead of down like you see here, but you can do more with it thanks to the heels spurs. Robot mode has more range. The head can turn whether the mutant mask is open or closed (although it works better closed so the opened fins don’t get in the way), there’s decent range of motion in the arms and legs, and the waist turns. As mentioned earlier the missile pods also work in this mode and in either mode they can spin around to better target opponents.

Decision: Stays

My quibbles are minor because nothing’s perfect. The Tyrannosaurus mode is a thing of beauty and his robot mode is really cool. Not all gimmicks work but they don’t hamper posing too much, more in dino mode than robot mode I grant you. Overall I just really like this guy so this team of Dinobots isn’t losing their leader. I only have a few of his troops and we’ll start getting into them next time.