I’ve been wanting to get the Dinobots spark crystal in one of these.

It’s time for the last Dinobot from this series in my collection. I think. I have this box of Transformers I went through a long time ago and pulled out that I need to get around to going over again for a final purge. I probably should have done it years ago.

Striker is a redeco of the Beast Wars Neo figure Saberback. Frankly it’s here that the problem I have with the Takara-produced formerly Japanese exclusive molds of the period make their first appearance. It’s one think for the Alternators to be a bit complex. That was a toyline for adult collectors and some of them like to treat the Transformers like a Rubik’s Cube. I am not one of those people and it can be more frustrating when the toy was supposedly designed with kids in mind. For one thing, while transforming it for the first time in years for this review part of it broke off, and it’s not in a spot the engineer planned for. So here’s a review of a broken toy. Joy.