The reason I’m not making a full-size report is two-fold. I’m writing this on Saturday and it’s my birthday, plus a lot of personal information is involved. It’s not a record organizing project but the papers I worked with do have info I don’t care to share on the internet. There are old bank statements, stuff I’ve collected from other situations, and this week I decided to go through a few of them and reorganize a drawer because I went hunting for something and couldn’t find it in the mess. Actually I couldn’t find it because I forgot what it looked like at first but shuffling through the mess said that I needed to get this done.

I set up three piles: one for papers that can just go in the recycle bin, one for papers that need to be shredded, and one for stuff I want to keep…at least initially. I have to further break down that pile, which I plan to do during the week. I’ll be continuing this process during at least this week if not more and I’ll keep you updated on my mission. When this is done hopefully there will be less papers, business cards, and other stuff around here for me to burrow through or to be found by less than reputable visitors (welcome and otherwise). This is one of those things that can get built up if you don’t take the time to do it, and when one is sick or otherwise distracted (me for the past few years on both counts) it’s time for a larger project. It’s one that has to be done. And frankly it looks better already. I just can’t show you.