The Transformer reviews will resume in a few weeks but I had an actual project this week. My dad was doing a little clutter organizing of his own this week and came across a bunch of photos. I was sure I had taken a similar picture of one photo in particular but I can’t find that photo album. I thought I would check old Clutter Reports to see if I could find it, but I found something else instead, the case in the lower right of this photo. It’s one I’ve been trying to find recently so now I knew where it was. The problem is that area looked like this.

For reasons I can’t explain trying to do one project led to clutter ending up in another area and there are times I remember just how big a project this is. So this week I decided to clean this area up not only to find my case but because it looked like crap. Thus was my mission this week.


First I had to get back there. This became a pile of stuff around the time I had all my medical issues and never really got fixed. The socks are a long story. The rest really shouldn’t be there so I went through, tossed out what I didn’t need, and added it to the rest of the day’s organizing.

It was at this point that I realized between the stuff there and the stuff on the shelf I was trying to clean in the first place was going to be a larger job than planned. The drawers contained comics but I had to pull them out to move the one drawer set out of my way to get to the shelf I wanted to clean. All of it together was quite the mess. I pretty much just pulled everything out of there and then organized it. Magazines (that I really do need to go over, maybe after I finish the Transformers Universe reviews) in one pile, then graphic novels and other books plus some assorted other things I wanted to keep, some of it temporarily, in the other. Eventually I’m going to have to come back and dig further but this was already a lot more work than it looked and I wanted my bed to sleep in tonight. I tossed out some paper, some plastic bags, an old party hat from a New Years’ event…I’m not sure why I kept that all these years. So stuff did go away, while I fixed up the rest to not be such a disaster area.

I can’t argue with the results though. This is a lot more organized. I still need to get the graphic novels properly mixed into my comic collection but I’m still working through that project every day thanks to reviews for my other site as well as the novel reviews. Luckily that library appears to be in order. However, there is another stack of books I need to fix as well…but I’m saving that for next week. Pulling all this stuff out, organizing it, and putting it back plus taking down the air conditioner was enough work for one day. I did find a book I’ve been wanting to finish, and of course the reason this all got started.

I found the case! For all the good it will do me. The pen is out of ink, the highlighter is dead, the tape dispenser is broke and I ended up breaking the pencil sharpener as well, and nothing stays in place except for the ruler. I need to totally rethink how I’m going to re-purpose this case into a way to carry art supplies for drawing while I’m out. The strings are stitched in but some of them are stretched out. I can replace some of the supplies lost but I’m not sure what happens after that. I don’t want stuff rattling loose but the holders were useless for the stuff that came with it. I’m going to need a solution but that’s a whole other project. I also found an old Shaeffer 2002 B (I think that was the brand name, since I remember getting it in high school–maybe freshman year?) Medium point ball-point marker pen that I want to find a refill for but that was a waste of time.

So the case is useless as is but I still accomplished something and that was worth the effort. Stuff was organized or thrown away so I’ll take it. And I’ll have to do more next week.