old picture

Last week I cleaned up one of the bottom shelves, but I was hoping to get two of them done. It turned out the one shelf was more work than planned. It might be because of my condition lately or that there was more stuff there than I realized but regardless it meant doing the other shelf this week. I stacked this well enough the last time I went over all my books but somehow it ended up in a mess. I don’t even remember how. They were decent enough stacks. Maybe they fell over while I was doing something else? At any rate this week I wanted to turn this…

new picture

…into something closer to the first picture. No, I can’t figure out how it got all messed up. The point is it did and I want to do it over.

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Here’s a piece of merchandise I forgot I had. Somehow non-book clutter made its way onto this shelf. I picked these up while attending a Three Dog Night concert at the Warner Theater in Torrington, CT. For those of you in CT this was the year they had that fire just before the concert. The audience area was a bit of a mess but that didn’t stop us from enjoying the show and it was a good time. The Sangri-Las were the opening act, and I have their cassette. Three Dog Night also had a Best Of CD and I had picked that up as well. I think I posted the guitar pick they were also giving away at the merch table where they signed the autographs. I want to frame these if I can find a place to hang them.

There were also a set of audio dramas and speeches I had on cassette on the shelf just next to it. I decided to reorganize these as well since there were only a few there. My next project will be organizing my cassettes because they could use it. However, I think I’m going to go back and forth between the Transformers Universe reviews and other projects just to get both done without losing my audience. I know not all of you come for both clutter organizing and toy reviews, even if all the reviews are themselves clutter projects.

I found what I think is the rest of my bookmark collection (yes, I collected bookmarks as a kid) and a few other things, like these four TV guides, probably the only time I fell for the “variant cover” gimmick because I was a dumb kid who really liked Star Trek. Put the covers together and you get a full picture. This might be an interesting nostalgia trip one day. I wish I ran that kind of blog but I guess my Tumblr would work. It’s not a priority right now.

And now to the main event. While I did find papers I wanted to toss out and I have a place for the books I’m selling now, thus pulling them out (I’ve decided to give the Star Wars books a second chance because they can’t be any worse than the movies have become, but the Star Trek “Invasion” books are still going and are up on the Clutter For Sale page as of this writing) and I put the mazes book with the other game books. (I need to start doing something with those–this and another one I bought and one was a gift from my stay in the convalescent that I couldn’t do because of where the IV was.) The video game tips I’ll put with the video game material, leaving just the non-fiction offerings. I plan to go over those in the future though right now I’m focused on my fiction library but I ran into a different problem. I’m not sure how they ended up in the mess they were in but if I stacked them organized properly they would be two huge stacks that could probably fall over easily. So I adopted a slightly different system.

While I still have them in the proper alphabetical order (not seen here) they’re also broken down by size, length and width but not necessarily page count. That would factor later.

I also found some old puffy magnets hiding back there.

I then sub-divided them between the two stacks. (I had less books in there this time so it seemed the way to go.) This is when I took page count into consideration, dividing each size stack in half to distribute between the two piles. It isn’t a perfect division but it works fine for now. At least it isn’t a pile of clutter and I did manage to find a few things to get rid of. Wins all around.