Hanging near the Bumblebee Shelf are my hats. My mom had come up with the idea of using…I think it’s some kind of pan rack or something not designed for hats, but given all the hats I own (I went through some weird and long collecting phases) it seemed like the best option. Even after this project I don’t think they hang right but I’m not going to waste money on who knows how many racks and while I could build my own I have more important projects right now.

Yes, I collected hats until I had too many, although I might still get one in the future if I really like it. (For one thing I want a good Superman hat to go along with my Batman hat.) Many are based on my favorite shows, places I’ve been, or just have some personal tie to. I did have an outstretched headband I tossed out but otherwise nothing is going in this one. I just have to make it easier to find the hat I want. I have a bad habit of just putting the hat I wore last on a coat rack with the intention of putting it back on the rack later and then failing to do so. I think that’s how clutter starts for all of us. So when I want a particular hat I have to hunt to find it while knocking other hats behind the couch piece or I have a big stack of hats on top of my coat rack. I know I’m going to be doing this again in the future, so here’s how I did it this time.

Anyone remember that old book about the hat salesman who wore all of his hats on top of each other? I could recreate that with baseball and painter caps.

Here are all but two of my hats. A couple no longer fit because my head got bigger as I grew but I keep them for sentimental reasons. I have caps related to my favorite shows or movies, hats for winter, and two visors I don’t even where anymore. One I picked up on a trip to Mystic Seaport that’s stapled together so I don’t know why I still own it outside of remembering my trip. The Mystic Pizza hat my parents got for me when they went on a separate trip as a souvenir for me because I couldn’t go at the time. The other visor was also a gift and has an AM radio in it, but the earpiece’s wiring is bad or something so I don’t get any sound. Why do I keep that one?

No seriously, why do I keep either of these visors; they’re clearly in bad shape. I want answers, brain!

The Ventolin cap was because my mom worked at a pharmacy for a while. I don’t even know what that’s supposed to treat.

After putting aside the winter hats I turned to the rest. Not to many people have to write the words “I alphabetized my hats” without looking like a colossal dork. I would love to know the secret of anyone who succeeded because I bet I just failed. I did however succeed in this task. I also alphabetized my shirt, the non-printed ones by color and the printed ones based on what’s on them. This project is occasionally weirder than I thought it would be.

The problem with this rack idea is that the hats are often on top of each other. I need to see if there’s a better way to hang them or if I need to find the time to build something new (this is one problem cardboard probably won’t solve) but at least they’re all in order. For now.