I had a bunch of my music cassettes out since I listened to them but putting back was difficult until I reorganized a few things during a couple of other projects. I figured this was a good time to reorganize the cassettes in my collection. While most of the audio dramas are in a book-like case a few others and the tapes with music were in the usual cassette boxes, which I still have. Yes, I still listen to cassettes. I always end up with a player in my car that can play them but not CDs. I do believe in physical media, as I went over with my records. Heck, we’d listen to the 8-tracks if they weren’t all dying on us. Lost some good music and comedy there.

Speaking of comedy there are also comedy albums there, and things I recorded off of TV. Some used the famous method of putting the microphone up to the TV speaker while most came from hooking a boom box to the audio out of the VCR, which is a better system. I also transferred a few CDs to cassette so I could listen to them in the car when we had a radio that could do that. Now we have to hook a cassette player to the computer via the headphone jack on the player and the microphone jack on the computer. My dad also has a record-to-computer convertor I bought for my parents because I thought you could also play regular records on it. You can but you need external speakers and I didn’t know that at the time. However, that had nothing to do with this project so let’s get on to what I’m here to talk about.