I had a bunch of my music cassettes out since I listened to them but putting back was difficult until I reorganized a few things during a couple of other projects. I figured this was a good time to reorganize the cassettes in my collection. While most of the audio dramas are in a book-like case a few others and the tapes with music were in the usual cassette boxes, which I still have. Yes, I still listen to cassettes. I always end up with a player in my car that can play them but not CDs. I do believe in physical media, as I went over with my records. Heck, we’d listen to the 8-tracks if they weren’t all dying on us. Lost some good music and comedy there.

Speaking of comedy there are also comedy albums there, and things I recorded off of TV. Some used the famous method of putting the microphone up to the TV speaker while most came from hooking a boom box to the audio out of the VCR, which is a better system. I also transferred a few CDs to cassette so I could listen to them in the car when we had a radio that could do that. Now we have to hook a cassette player to the computer via the headphone jack on the player and the microphone jack on the computer. My dad also has a record-to-computer convertor I bought for my parents because I thought you could also play regular records on it. You can but you need external speakers and I didn’t know that at the time. However, that had nothing to do with this project so let’s get on to what I’m here to talk about.

The first step was kind of obvious: take all the cassettes out of the storage box. This was not the stage to sort, just to remove them. Later I sorted them into official record company tapes and my homemade stuff. From there I went through the music stuff and organized them alphabetically.

The homemade stuff isn’t just recordings of music, favorite TV intros, and stuff I can’t find recordings of otherwise off of TV, radio, and CDs. It includes a few comedy shows I recorded, a copy of the first Doctor Who episode, which I now have on DVD along with the rest of the first storyline but it amuses me to still have it, and a few skits I did with friends, or at least the surviving ones of those. The miscellaneous songs were given their own section but the comedy recordings went in a separate group with my comedy recordings (someday I may bring myself to listen to Bill Cosby go on about the problems of parenting but it’s still too soon for a lot of us) although the comedy songs like “Weird Al” Yankovic and a miscellaneous comedy song tape go with the regular music and homemade anthology respectively. I’m a bit weird myself. The few audio dramas I have (including the Doctor Who recording, the only “audio drama” done that way outside of Charlton Heston Presents The Bible) will be in their own section so they don’t get lost in the bigger boxed audio dramas and sermons I have.

The cassettes weren’t a complete mess before but I wanted to sort them a bit better. If anything I need to re-label a bunch of these now to fit the new organizing system, especially the ones that are just one CD or one comedy special or something. However, this may make it easier to find a particular tape while I don’t care as much when it comes to the anthology music collections unless I want to hear a particular song. I also have a storage box I can load up and take with me in the car in case I’m making a long trip somewhere–if I ever get to do that again. The question is how long these will last, considering the fate of the 8-tracks tapes.