When Hasbro launched the Official Transformers Collectors Club with Fun Publications I decided to join. At the time I had decent income and thought it would be worth the money. It kind of wasn’t. For your fee (I forget what it was at the time) you got a newsletter that featured information you already heard elsewhere online and only have a few pages of a long comic, a free toy that was a remold of another toy, a card with a bio of the character, access to the forum, and not much else. In the future discounts on club items and more free stories would come around but I don’t think it was worth the money.

Since I joined that first year I picked up the first year figure, Skyfall…who came with instructions for Terradive, one of the Energon Combiner figures his mold was made from. I’ll get more into all that when I finally go through the Energon toys, but for Skyfall, he’s part of a Combiner called Nexus Prime, formerly Nexus Maximus until someone found out he shared the name with an…adult toy that didn’t have a robot mode and probably had more female users. That’s all I’m saying about that. The other figures seen above were released in the following years and all were remolds of various Combiner figures from Energon. The two links in this paragraph will give you the important backstory if you so care, as it’s time to look at the toy itself. While not a Universe figure it’s where I put the other multiversal redecos so why not him? I don’t have any other Collector’s Club figures after all so where else would i put him?

The rear thuster (inset) is actually his Combiner port.

Skyfall is the same mold as Terradive and Sky Shadow. It resembles the Cobra Rattler from that other Hasbro toyline for boys everyone remembers, GI Joe. The Collectors Club set (which you got for staying in all five years of this story) were all done in translucent plastic, Skyfall given a blue translucent body with some solid red plastic and a translucent red cockpit. This was I think to represent the in-story magical abilities of the five robots that comprised Nexus MaxiPrime. He has landing gear that opens and close but the wheels are solid. He also has a small rotating gun on his underside (which forms his robot head) and a big machine gun on the underside of his nosecone, both solid plastic. There are some minor detailing on his tailfins. About the only complaint I really have is that the robot hands are obvious on the outside of his large thrusters. If you already read Nexus’s history you’ve probably snickered at least at half of this paragraph. The point is he looks cool and not as fragile as you’d think being all see-through.

I could attach it to the wings but it looks less flight friendly as it does here.

Additionally Skyfall shares the attachments native to this figure. The “Energon chip” (alternately Energon star, which you’ll see better in robot mode) fits on a port near his thrusters, which also reveals another Autobot symbol as if the tampographed ones on his wings that I just realized doesn’t show up in my pictures but you can see in the group photo from Transformersland wasn’t enough. I’ll talk more about the gimmick when I get to that line but it doesn’t do anything to the toy beyond the in-story power boost from Energon. While I don’t have his fellow components to show off the combined Nexus he does have the guns that form either the legs or feet of his combined mode and it honestly looks better as a robot gun than more plane armor.

The guns aren’t supposed to be that far back but the only other options were to have it fall over his eyes or give him bunny ears.

Robot mode shows off more of the solid red parts as they used it for the connections for his limbs as well as his head. For the most part this is a cool looking figure. The more OCD of you may notice the lack of symmetry with his feet as the upper part of the nose forms one foot while the lower part with the gun forms the other. So he can shoot you with his foot apparently. However I’m more annoyed that the thruster fans block his hands from being useful. He can’t use a computer, can’t grab a tool, and can’t pat you on the back without hitting you with the fans. Otherwise I really like his design. He isn’t back heavy looks like a good fighter even if his character is not a fighting type of bot. You can also see the port where his spark crystal is in robot mode. It’s a bit small but works on his chest.

I mean I know I wouldn’t want him punching me in the face.

Articulation was really good around this time. The head spins around but doesn’t look up and down without having it floating in the air. He has full range in the shoulders, elbows, and hips, plus a rotating waist. His knees also work although his ankles only move where it needs to in order to transform. There’s a good range of poses you can get out of him.

“What do you mean overcompensating? I thought we were done with those kind of jokes in this article?”

As I said the hand/foot guns look better in this mode but still a bit large for him. This was the designer’s attempt to make sure you can use the Combiner components for the regular figure but there’s no way for him to holster it in a way that makes sense, maybe hang it off of his wings. It isn’t too heavy for the limbs so this adds to the action poses. The Energon chip forms a chest shield but since it’s made out of pure energy I’m not sure how safe that actually is versus actual armor.

Decision: Stays

I like his jet mode and I like his robot mode. This does mean I have three versions of this toy out of necessity rather than desire but that was a problem with the Combiners in the Energon line I’ll get to someday. It’s also a somewhat rarer figure, originally released for the club and later sold through their website. I also don’t know what happened to the card and I’m worried I threw it out during one of the organizing projects because I screw up like that sometimes.  I just really like this figure and he’s a good addition to the Universe Autobot team. I do have one more non-Universe figure in this box I’ll get to in two weeks to complete the Universe storage box reviews. However, I have some organizing stuff to do next week unless I have problems like I did last week.