Well, I hit a few snags this week. I was hoping to go over my games in the XP laptop as part of that project but for some reason it’s not recognizing my gamepad, so I have to figure that mess out. I stayed up too late on Friday and slept half of Saturday away, which is when I work on my clutter projects, so I didn’t have time for that. It doesn’t help that something is up with my air mattress bed and it keeps losing air but only when I actually use it or something. I need to figure out what’s going on there. While looking for the owner’s manual I did find a good project for next week, so I’ll be delaying the last Transformer review of this box another week. I hate days like this because I don’t feel like I’m progressing in this as much as I’d like, but I only have one day within all my other projects (one of which also didn’t get done this week) so it bothers me. Hopefully I’ll be back on schedule next week.