I have a couple of these boxes. You’re supposed to put folders in them and keep files in them. This one is filled with random stuff, and after looking for an instruction manual last week I decided this needed to be cleaned out a bit.

I’m not wrong, am I? I hadn’t intended this to be a third junk drawer. Two is more than enough after all. I wasn’t using it at the time so I stuffed a bunch of things in there I’m not sure I need anymore. So this week’s project was to put this in better shape. I ended up finding things in here that I was looking for some time ago, and learned something I didn’t even know, which kind of changes remarks made in the previous Transformer review. Which means I also found some memories, but more “I forgot that” than “I remember this happy moment”. Still, I’ll take it.

For example I found the card for Skyfall I was talking about in that review. I also found one for another exclusive figure from the Collector’s Club, meaning I was there for two separate figures. I also found instructions for that second figure, which I will review if I ever come across it because apparently I didn’t put it in the Universe box with Skyfall. I also found instructions for a third figure, so I was apparently in the club long enough for three figures, but didn’t get the last two. That’s unless I’m wrong about the third one. I didn’t even find a card for him. This is the front of the cards while on the back are bios for the characters these toys represent. I’ll be sure to keep them where I can find them until I can put them away with their respective figure. Glad I didn’t throw these out anyway, but I do still wonder what happened to the third card, assuming there was one.

I also found a whole bunch of cardbacks. If memory serves I was going to create my own tech specs to replace these really big cardbacks and box backs that had the bio all spread out rather than the old tech spec type of layout, which I don’t think they do at all now. However, I can find this information online so unless I ultimately decide to scan them into the computer or find there’s actually a market for a bubbleless card or one portion of the box (highly unlikely) they’re probably headed to the recycle bin.

Then you have various Transformers instruction manuals for Transformers not currently in storage boxes or for some reason not boxed with them. It may look sorted here but it isn’t. While a bunch of them shared a baggie there wasn’t a real order to them, and many of them were loose. Also in there were promotional material for other toys in the line. Meanwhile the same toyline could be spread out through two or three different baggies. So I needed to organize this properly.

Instead of being stuffed in the tight baggies that came with the figures I broke out some Ziploc bags. I did reuse a few baggies for smaller groupings of instructions but mostly I put them in the bigger bags, separated by line and faction. When I get to those figures or reorganize the then-remaining collection with the storage boxes I will put them with those figures. Then everything I need at the time will be all in the same place.

Finally on our tour are these computer greeting cardstock. I think my mom had a bunch of these but she didn’t use them. Since I do more on the computer (though I don’t have a viable printer at the moment) dad gave them to me. At some point I hope to be able to use them if I ever get to upgrade my systems. I’m not putting these back in the box, but will put them off to the side until a future project, maybe the next one after the last Transformers review of this set, or maybe a few projects later, but hopefully before Easter. It’s a project I want to get done soon.

Along with a few cardbacks from the knockoffs I wish I still had when I reviewed some of them but will be happy to have when I review the rest this box is now organized. I can find the instructions I need for the Transformers (and even packaged the Cyber Planet Keys from the Cybertron figures with the instructions instead of stuffed in another drawer), the electronics instructions I need, and with less hassle. This thing was too packed to go through but now it’s usable. I need to get better organized and every bit helps.