A Series Of Minor Site Projects

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Over the last week I took a break from my other website as far as extensive reviews and commentaries. However I didn’t abandon the site altogether. My burnout was tied to longer articles that didn’t leave me time to work on other important projects related to that site. Some of the things I’m going to talk about this week may not necessarily be Clutter Report related but there were things I wanted to do here as well. Some of these I achieved and some I did not. The clutter this week was these other projects I needed to get done. While I didn’t get everything I wanted done I did make some progress.


No Report This Week

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As some of you may know I run two websites. BW Media Spotlight is my daily examination of the art of storytelling, with the goal of making myself a better storyteller. This website I used to get myself to do a clutter clearing project or review something to see if I still want it or not, thus clearing out clutter that way. I had planned to take a week or two off of BW to keep from getting burnout, but still doing some minor fixes on that site and this one, while still having the energy to do a clutter project for this week.

Then the coronavirus hit and I figured I should do something since so many people were at home. I thought I could do one article a day rather than the usual one big one and two minor once, and that would allow me to get some kind of breathing room and still do the site work and personal stuff I wanted. It didn’t work out that way. Instead the two mindsets clashed, I had trouble sleeping last week (which oddly had nothing to do with worry, just some mild insomnia) and was too tired to do a lot by the end of the week. This meant burnout was still a concern and I didn’t have the energy or mindset to do any clutter clearing. So I didn’t get to do anything for The Clutter Report this week and no weekly comic strip for BW.

So despite having an almost captive audience I’m going to have to take a full week off to get other things done, rest, and hopefully come back stronger and ready to go. It would be nice if the pandemic was all over with and we could leave our homes for things beyond emergencies, but if not I’ll be returning with reviews and comics for that site and a full project for this site plus some site work that needs to be done. I’ve had too many stalls on this lately and I’m getting concerned. However, I’m also pretty stubborn so we’ll see what wins out. Hopefully you’re taking some time to declutter your own homes and you can see how far I’ve come doing this one day a week and get your own mess in order with all the time we now have on our hands. Also, look for the #coronakindness on Twitter, Facebook, or other social media to see how people are helping their neighbors and pushing back against the isolation and frustration we’re all going through right now, even a virtual shut-in like me. Good luck!

Needed A Lazy Day

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Sorry there was no post this week. I’ve been feeling a bit of burnout and just needed yesterday to not do much of anything. Of course this happens on a week where everyone is stuck home thanks to a viral outbreak but maybe you’re busy using the opportunity to do your own clutter cleaning? Hopefully I’ll have something to discuss for next week but I just needed some me time, so I guess the clutter I was after was just the clutter in my life. Or am I just really stretching this week?

Quick Report: New Bed

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A shot of the bed, showing off a different project. It’s from back when my photos were worse than they are now.

I really like my air mattress. However it’s rather expensive to replace and there’s a slow leak somewhere in the setup so I have a problem. I lucked into a solution. My cousin was replacing a bunch of beds in her house and happened to have a twin bed among the ones being replaced. It was only used as a spare bedroom so there was a sag from never having been flipped but that was worked around. I still want to get my regular bed fixed or the air chamber replaced but until I can do either this will do as something I can sleep on.

So my project this week was breaking down and packing away the old bed and setting up the new one. Not really a traditional clutter clearing project but that needed to be done. Pleasant dreams!

Transformers Report: Air Attack Optimus Primal

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It’s the last Transformer in the Universe box and the other one that isn’t from the first Transformers Universe line. It’s not even from the line it was created for. I’ll get into it when I start reviewing actual Beast Machines toys but the short version is fans wanted a show-accurate Optimus Primal and the first two toys they released did not suffice. Air Attack Optimus Primal was the final depiction of Primal from that series and improved on the show accurate depiction. However it was not released in the Beast Machines line but the first Robots In Disguise line, and even then as a Toys R Us exclusive. I do now know why, but that’s how it happened. When my collection was smaller and I had more money I really wanted him, but it didn’t seem a good fit for the other RID figures, or even the Beast Machines figures because this sucker is rather huge. Not as huge as “supreme” Cheetor from Beast Machines (which I do not have and I don’t mind because I hear few good things about it) but a bit larger than he needed to be.

Also the toy has plenty of sound effects, including voice clips from Garry Chalk, the voice of Optimus Primal. This is rather unusual for toys, with the voices provided by cheaper voice actors. You’ll have to look up some video reviews to hear them all. I couldn’t find a video of just the voices and sounds, which is fine because I don’t have the batteries in to review that anyway. Instead this is just about the toy itself.