Over the last week I took a break from my other website as far as extensive reviews and commentaries. However I didn’t abandon the site altogether. My burnout was tied to longer articles that didn’t leave me time to work on other important projects related to that site. Some of the things I’m going to talk about this week may not necessarily be Clutter Report related but there were things I wanted to do here as well. Some of these I achieved and some I did not. The clutter this week was these other projects I needed to get done. While I didn’t get everything I wanted done I did make some progress.

What I Accomplished

  1. I did manage to update part of the Clutter For Sale section, linking items for sale to their reviews and the reviews to the Clutter For Sale page. Everything linked is still available but if I ever get to sell anything I will take the links down.
  2. The RSS Feed allows people with an RSS Feed reader browser extension to keep track of when new posts are made to a website you’re following. Both of my sites have RSS feeds for new posts. Over at the other site I have a group of favorite RSS feeds in the footer of the site. If you like the stuff I discuss there these are more sites to check out. I also have the feed for this site over there to help promote it. Meanwhile, concluded sites and webcomics, plus other places I post to like social media (before it became a dumpster fire of rage and questionable opinions) are put into a “blogroll” section, with links to those sites. I updated all of this, which was an intended goal for quite some time. Some of the sites I had up there stopped updating for various reasons so I put them into the blogroll if they were still online but inactive, took out dead links, and put new RSS feeds to promote other sites.
  3. I finally got caught up on YouTube. I seemed to have trouble being less than a week behind, maybe six days at best. I finally saw all of the videos from the people I followed that interested me but even then I didn’t watch as many as I would. Some were moved to my “watch later” list, which I’ll come back to in a moment.

The main purpose of this week was to take a break so I didn’t want to force myself to do other work. It would defeat the purpose of this minor vacation. (I couldn’t go anywhere if I want to thanks to lack of funds and the current coronavirus situation keeping us all home so we don’t get sick.) So there were a bunch of things I wanted to do but didn’t.

What I DIDN’T Accomplish

  1. I have a bunch of items that in reviews were marked as “going” that I was too tired to look up and price for the Clutter For Sale page. I was hoping this week I could work a day in to fix that. I’ll get into why a lot of this didn’t happen in a moment.
  2. I have a video on my YouTube channel for the other site I was hoping to finally finish the closed captions for. This is one I didn’t think I’d get to and I was right. YouTube does auto-generate captions for the creator but if you’ve ever seen a video that used those without editing you know what a joke it is. It doesn’t hear words in songs, it sometimes gets words wrong, and punctuation is atrocious. It’s still an imperfect system that only serves as a starting point. I also need to go through that “watch later” list.
  3. I’ve been trying to get some art projects done but watching the videos and a few other distractions got in the way. One of those projects is coming up with an actual logo for this site.
  4. For both sites I keep wanting to have enough time to really go over every theme on WordPress (my host and the source of all those ads on this and the other site–which I don’t get to share the revenue for since this is a free host for me and it’s hard to complain) and maybe change the themes on both sites, or not. Basically I’ve been wanting to make The Clutter Reports look better, or at least find a good background since I somehow lost the default one for this theme.
  5. I was also hoping to make a dent in my email, which is becoming virtual clutter. I don’t think I would have gotten all caught up but getting more than a few days behind me would have been nice. There are a series of other articles in my RSS reader I was hoping to get caught up with and I didn’t accomplish that. At best I’ve kept up with the webcomics I read. I’m hoping now that the YouTube subscriptions are in a better length I can still work on more of these.

I ended up sleeping late a few days and time was spent watching updates on the virus issue as well as the stuff I did accomplish, and on a few days even took a nap. I also got to take a walk a couple of days since the virus isn’t airborne and we had a couple of nice days. The whole point was to relax, which is a bit difficult in our current climate but I’m kind of used to being stuck home. If I find this week still feels like a grind I may take a longer break, and maybe get some actual clutter maintenance done as well. With luck I’m refreshed enough to get back to all these projects for both sites as well as my usual bunch of articles because I do enjoy doing them.

I think we all need a break now and then, and with the home quarantine situation this is a good time to catch up on home projects, like clutter cleaning or whatever projects and hobbies you haven’t had time to with work and/or school. This won’t last forever so why not make the most of a bad situation?  We’ll make it through this. This isn’t the first dance we’ve had with viral pandemics so we should be smart enough to know what to do by now. SARS, avian flu, ebola, and others have tried to take us out, but the human race is a stubborn bunch. Follow the recommendations on dealing with this virus and stay safe. And if you need some positivity look for the #coronakindness hashtag on Twitter or Facebook (and maybe other social media) to see how the citizenry are pushing back against this thing and helping their neighbors. Don’t give up yet, we can win this battle.