Update On The Computer Situation

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Well, it’s official. The old Vista computer is kaputski. The hard drive died but most annoyingly it’s so kaput that I can’t even get any data off of it. My computer expert friend is looking for a budget Windows 10 computer not only for my image work but the video editing, which takes more image and processing power. I tried doing this article on the XP laptop but I could write a whole sentence and wait almost a minute foo back and deal with the typos and start all over again, as well as type in the words the computer somehow missed. This is not an option.

The type of computer my friend is looking at will require a little reorganizing of the computer desk workspace plus time to put all of my productivity software in and set everything up. So I probably won’t be updating for a while. I’ll try to do something if I can use my dad’s computer downstairs to have content during the quarantine and I’ll report when the new comp is up and running. Otherwise I’ll be silent for a while but still around to keep an eye on things.See you soon.


Quick Report: Virtual Clutter Meets Virtual Shutdown

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I wasn’t going to go two weeks without a report but once again my plans got screwed up. The goal this week was to get caught up on all the articles in my RSS feed. On Friday I actually got to read a few and I thought on Saturday I could finish up. There was also an online convention I was hoping to watch during the day. However on Saturday something was messing with the computer and I had to restart it a few times because everything wanted to update or scan at the same time. I got through the rest of the day after deciding the convention was not in line with the time I had left and other things to do. I got a few more articles read but not all of them.

Then comes Sunday. The computer is now stuck in some kind of diagnostic hell and won’t properly start. I’m hoping I can get going without losing all the stuff I don’t have backed up. Either way I know what my next project is going to be. I need to reorganize my back-up drive and back-up my important files before this happens again. In the meantime I have to work from the XP laptop, which is going to be a problem since files I need for the other site are on the malfunctioning computer so I don’t know what’s going to happen this week. I thought the computer issues were behind me.

Quick Report: Bed Sheets & Selling Stuff

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Remember a few weeks ago when I got a new (barely used) bed from my cousin? Well, it came with two pairs of sheets. I already owned three (though hers were a bit higher quality) so this week I had to try to fit four of them into the bed sheet drawer. (For those of you keeping count, the fifth is obviously on my bed.) A minor project but given that last week I was too tired to do anything it’s at least something.

I also finally updated the Toys For Sale page with the rest of the Transformers I want to sell off. I was going to add the books but I forgot where I put them, so until I find them that will have to wait. So apologies for not having a report last week (I’m getting tired of making posts saying how I didn’t do anything because I was either sick or busy) and hopefully next week I’ll have something more interesting to report on.