I think this is the best look I have at the old Vista computer, a Dell 537s. The thing served me well for many years but as Microsoft decided to force everyone to their latest operating system and the computer got old while graphics and other stuff advanced it became harder for me to even use YouTube or Facebook. Browsers stopped updating. Online content was slow if it ran at all. All sorts of really annoying things. Being unemployed there was nothing I could do about it.

And then the hard drive died, wiping out stuff I hadn’t backed up along with stuff I had and resulting in my losing a few things. That made me sad. It also meant I would have to get a new machine. At first it seemed like my dad would be providing this but then the stimulus checks came out and suddenly I could actually pay for it. It’s probably the only good thing that’s happened since the pandemic began. It wasn’t very expensive but it’s pretty good for what it is. Actually, it’s leagues better than the old computer and my computer friend who helped me select and set-up the computer was amazed how fast it is. Want to see it?