The report is quick but it took all afternoon and I didn’t get to finish it. Mostly because I’m using my old Microsoft Works program and it’s a bit glitchy with Windows 10 apparently. At any rate when I lost the Vista computer I also lost the spreadsheets I had that I was using to keep track of stuff I’m doing for the other website. The most annoying of the lost sheets was the one for my minicomics that I review for Free Comic Inside (something crossposted here as a “Mini-Comic Report” when I review one I actually own versus one I find online). So this week’s project was to recreate it. (Up there is the old one.)

While there are a few things I need to do, like re-find some of the comics online that I don’t own but want to review for the article series (I also keep track of the ones I own or want to own), this did give me a chance to redo the layout from the bottom up. There were times the old system got confusing because without scrolling back to the top I couldn’t remember which column was to mark something reviewed and which was to mark something I own. I do plan to put that labeling into multiple parts of the sheet so I don’t have to look up, but for now it’s still short enough (possibly due to ones I’ve forgotten why my luck) that it’s not a requirement. Frankly I should have done that with the old chart. I’m not sure what other pack-in promo mini-comics I’ve forgotten but hopefully I’ll remember them soon and I was able to get most of the info I needed for the ones I know I need to review. Preferably I will own them someday because I like these little things…although now I’m wondering if mixing them into the regular comics was a mistake when it comes to finding them…but online and digital downloads are an option I can live with because they’re long out of print and in some cases the product no longer exists anyway and I don’t know if I’ll be able to collect them all. Still, I wish I hadn’t lost my old list. This was a lot of work and some of that information is currently lost to me.

I’ll have to work on the others later. There are still a few other features I really want to take time to play with but since this was an important spreadsheet I really wanted to recreate it. Now I just need the data to finish it.