It’s time to come back to this set of drawers. The bottom drawer is used as a sort of junk drawer, which is mostly extra stuff in the studio. It’s become more and more stuffed, as junk drawers tend to do. It’s kind of in the name. This is where we put things when we don’t have time or location to put them properly, or stuff we come back to often enough to warrant it. This one looked like this:

When you have trouble closing the thing it’s time to do something with it. So that was this week’s project.

The first step is to take everything out. Whatever is going to stay in here can be properly placed in, since this being a junk drawer my cardboard dividers aren’t really an option. (That reminds me, I need to redo those with stronger dividers. Next week’s project? Maybe.) There is stuff I plan to keep and stuff I plan to put in a better location.

Here’s the first few scripts I printed out for Video Reviews for my other site (pretty sure I posted them all here as filler since these were reviews of DVDs I own.) I thought keeping one as a prop would be a good idea but I don’t need them all. While the review for Godzilla Vs King Ghidorah was my first every video you can’t really tell it’s a script and it’s one of the thinner ones. Plus the lettering didn’t print right at one point, so even though it’s one I don’t have saved in the original computer document format I decided to keep the one for my most popular review, Challenge Of The GoBots. It adds that Easter egg touch I think.

There’s also the script for the pilot for Video Game Clutter, a video series I still hope to be able to make for this site. Finding a good capture device has still been a problem and with Nintendo’s crackdown on emulated ROMs (making NES and Game Boy/Game Boy Advance reviews harder) plus the inability to have an emulator for the CD-I all I’d be able to do is the Atari 800 and if I’m going to do this series right I want to have full access. Granted the Game Boy reviews would still be a challenge.

Additionally I found a few more Transformers cardbacks. Still a bit wishy-washy on those for some reason.

While I’ve been playing games with my and my dad’s computers and laptops I’ve acquired a few extra pieces. I’m not sure what I can even do with these at the moment. I’ll have my computer expert friend go over them at his earliest convenience and see where that goes. For now I put them in an old cigar box I have around. They’re quite useful, you know, even if you don’t smoke cigars (which I don’t).

With a few other items relocated or resorted (which you might see if I didn’t put the script back in there before taking this picture) it’s a lot more usable now and I can get to thinks when I need them. Now I just have to do the same thing with my other junk drawer (the other possibility for next week’s project). It’s nice to have actually done something this week, though I did put up a few more comics to the Clutter For Sale section so either way I did something. However, this one feels like it actually had merit. Maybe because this time I can see results to my work?