It was too hot up here in the attic HQ to do any work, and I’m going to need stronger cardboard to redo the mini-drawer organizers anyway. (I may have to design them before putting them in, which should be a good project. The set in there now is the result of being designed as I went rather than really planning anything out.) So this week I went through my e-mails.

My e-mail box gets cluttered up a lot. Not counting the year I was away from my computer most of the time due to being in the hospital the various projects I work on doesn’t always leave me time to really go through them. I do have some tips for how to make it easier and I even manage to take some of my own advice on this. Sadly, not enough or this wouldn’t be a recurring topic on this site, now would it? 😉

Is it too late to read this?

Most of the newsletters I get every day are news stories for my entertainment review site, but by now so many of the stories are outdated as to be useless to me. Some sites do have articles based on a general topic that isn’t based on current events. I do that on my own site. So I tried to save those. Anything more than a week old from my entertainment news based only on current I just deleted. It’s a waste of time to read them now since I may even know the updated information thanks to other sources or a post I managed to catch. No sense holding on to those. Best to start over from scratch.

In a similar vein promotional ads less than a few days old where the sale has expired are also useless, so they go too. Information from my site that I may have already seen on my stats are unnecessary as well and they went or were at least skimmed over and then deleted. It’s no longer info I need so why not focus on new information? Sadly I got through all of July and whatever sources I could track down through Yahoo Mail’s search function and I didn’t get a huge cut-down, but it helped.

If I’m going to keep coming back to email projects I need to get something matching into the media library.

Schedule Daily Instead Of Weekly

Using WordPress to host my site also gives me access to a reader. Other sites offer the opportunity for daily or weekly updates as well. Believe it or not you will waste less time getting updates daily instead of weekly. Otherwise you have one day to read almost everything and that list can be overwhelming if you follow a lot of sites this way. Daily spreads these out a bit more so even if the sites you’re receiving updates from doesn’t post every day or isn’t based on current events it’s better to spread them out over the week. Otherwise you spend most of your Monday getting caught up rather than getting to work.

And here’s a goal I keep trying to adhere to but with so much to keep up on between email, RSS, social media, and YouTube it all piles up. If I miss a day or don’t have enough time in the day to go deeper than a skim the backlog is tremendous. As I write this the RSS feed is at 400 (the hour-and-a-half podcasts don’t help), the e-mail is just under 9000 (yes, yes, I’ve seen Dragon Ball Z too), YouTube is still 2 days behind with some videos between a half hour and an hour long, and I still need to stay on time with other projects. I did clear out July and get my email from over 10,000 to still over 8,000. If I could at least keep up with the day’s emails I’d be staying even, but I would love to do a 100 emails a day (not necessarily reading them all though as mentioned I did eliminate a lot of the ones I don’t need to read–some I just need to skim the headlines to see if I care) until I finally cut through the 8,000+ emails. Instead I’m worried this will be a project again trying to just break even. Wish me luck, people!