As I continue going through emails I wanted to give you guys something to read, so here’s a link to another clutter organizing site (I wish I could do that like I used to before the service I used discontinued) to get you motivated in your own clutter maintenance. Now back to reading emails.

Clearing Clutter

It has been some long dog days of summer. How do you stay motivated to declutter in this heat? We have no air conditioning in the house so all I want to do is hang out in my basement or jump in a fresh water pool.

Here are some ideas to keep things moving in the right direction (out):

  • Go back to your why you want a clutter-free home
  • Read quotes
  • Have an accountability partner (I am available if needed)
  • Make a list of the order you will declutter
  • Block the time on your calendar
  • Set up a date for an organization to pick up your donations

I was going through my book shelves with photo albums this week. Although I didn’t get rid of any photo books, I did take out photos that I no longer remembered peoples names (think youth summer camps). Thought that was a good start…

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