It’s that time of the year again, and while 2020 has decided to make us as miserable as possible I refuse to let it take Christmas from me entirely. So this week I decorated. No new decorations but I like the way it turned out this year. Come along.

It’s all new pictures. Yes, the holder keeps breaking more and more on Rudolph’s sleigh team and someday I’m going to need a solution. As noted in my original review the holder is made of rather fragile translucent plastic. Together with the stand it was supposed to give the illusion of flight. Now I’m just fighting to get them to stand up. I hope at some point they redesigned the rig but this really doesn’t work. I was putting it on the closet shelf (there’s no door) but I think it works better on the computer desk, so I put the stuff usually there somewhere else and that’s where I’ll put it every Christmas until I come up with something better.

The shelf won’t go unused. Snoopy Claus, the snowglobe ornament, and my late mom’s Christmas plushies will be up there this year. I didn’t take a picture but the M&Ms (here’s an old pic)…

…are hanging out with R2 this year.

I’ve got this arrangement on my art desk.

Of course the manger is still here. I did a review of that as well. I keep the figures in a better container than the falling apart cardboard boxes they were in but the manger itself is still stored in the box it came it.

Finally we have this year’s Christmas tree. Usually it’s surrounded by Transformers but I didn’t have any out at the time and besides they’re hard to fit on that little spot. I want to make a table like my dad did for his tree that will offer more room. I almost didn’t bother. Then I remembered some Mini-Cons are still out.

And even they had some standing issues. (Note the green guy on the second image. I think he got hit by the candy cane.) Overall though I’m happy with this year’s decorating of the studio. Hope you all got to decorate as well, but if you don’t celebrate Christmas or Hanukkah I hope you at least enjoyed my moment of festivity. After the year we’ve had I think we could all use some somehow.