I’m going to be devoting the next week or so to getting the “Artputer” fully active so I can make all kinds of cool stuff. It qualifies as a Clutter project because it involves me getting my work area going and some things I’ll have to do with the rest of the project days I have available. This week my project was getting it to minimum comic making status for my weekly comic. That included:

  • Getting Clip Studio Paint going and the color and interface set up to my liking. I may have to play with the colors on the display so I’m getting the proper colors. I’ll see what happens when I make my first comic on this thing but I used a set of swatches I made in the past to set up the special color lists for each comic project (Jake & Leon and Captain Yuletide, which has dedicated color pallets which I had to reload) as well as some other features most of you probably won’t care about.
  • Adding in new fonts, especially the one I use regularly for the dialog. I added a bunch more and it’s not even all the fonts I have access to. One of these days I really want to make an analog printout of every font I own so I can have that on hand for fonts not in the computer as well as the ones in, that I may need for various comic and other art projects. Too many fonts means too much space not available on the hard drive.
  • Putting my image files on there. That means the template I use for the comic, which I actually took the time to upgrade so it looks a little better, all my current reference images, and creation files I need later.

For that last one I have a few other programs I need to load, which is where the next few projects will be looking at. This is going to be my “art computer” if you didn’t get the name by now, and I need it fully capable to serve as both my digital art system in the art corner and an aid to any hand-drawn pieces I may take on later. This will be a time of installing and upgrading but there is also some organizing I need to do to the desk area itself to maximize my organization. I hope you guys get something out of it in your own computer and desk/workspace organizing but if not just stick with me and we’ll get back to other projects or reviews…let’s say by the end of the month. I will be doing a few things during the week if I can though this week might not allow for it.