Over the past few weeks my projects have been about setting up the digital side of my art corner. I did do a bit more of that this week but I also did a few smaller projects this week as well. Nothing really exciting but it’s still stuff that needed to be done, and with a book report coming next week I wanted something to discuss. That’s the secret tagline of this site. “I have an article to write, I need to clean something!”

So that’s what I did. Here’s a short list of this week’s projects.

  • I did get some new software for my computer. I couldn’t put my photo editor, the one I used exclusively for art until I got Clip Studio Paint, to run on the artputer. That’s odd considering it runs fine on the regular computer, but it meant I had to get the latest version of Paint Shop Pro. (Yes, I prefer it to Photoshop. Long ago I got to try both while taking a few college classes for web design that are now mostly outdated.) It came with a few other programs I added as well, like Corel Painter Essentials. After Shot keeps locking up and I have to use the task manager to shut it down so I don’t know if it’s any good.
  • I wish it were this clean but it’s not too bad.

    While working on that the shelf of the art desk got a little rearranging. I still need to seriously go through that mess someday. Hopefully I get to it this year.

  • I also had to clean the toilet. I’ve been sick with digestive issues on and off the past couple of months. My dad had to clean it once but now that I’m all better I resumed my cleaning duty. I do still need to dust in there though.
  • I finally sold off some of my figures, namely all three¬†MegaMan NT Warrior figures. He seemed happy with them and my dad (who has had experience packing stuff at the various jobs he’s had over the course of his life) did a good job packing them in safely so they wouldn’t get broken. Now I just need to move the other figures in the Clutter For Sale section. (hint, hint)
  • I also finally got my first 2020 plague vaccine shot. I don’t know if all the good appointments were available while I was sick or what, but getting one while I was finally better proved to be a challenge. I got lucky, though I still need to get the other half next month. Yep, I got one of the two dose vaccines. I’ll just be happy to get it over with.

So a bit of a busy week and a relatively productive one. I still need to play some more with Paint Shop Pro and the other new friends. I just need to get back into a work rhythm. Book review next week.