Just A Quick Update

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Well, the projects I wanted to do this week was put on hold for two reasons. One was put away the vaporizer since it was getting warmer out. I don’t use the warm air vaporizer with the air conditioner because they kind of cancel each other out The other was to clean up the couch a bit. Well, this weekend the temperature dropped to the 50s and I had to clean the toilet since I don’t know when I’ll be able to after my hernia surgery and it really needed it. So that’s what I did this week.

I do want to get some reviews put together but what I may end up doing is more video filler from other people on their de-cluttering projects and tips, just to have something here until I’ve healed enough to get back to my own projects. So far nothing I’ve planned this year has really come to pass given how sick I’ve been and now this, and it’s really getting on my nerves. I feel like I’m constantly held back and saying “well, we’ll try again next year” is becoming less of an option. I never really felt my age (currently 47) until the colon surgery in 2016 and the follow-up events and now I’m worried I’ll never achieve anything unless I can rise above all these distractions, including finally getting this mess all organized. I know this isn’t what you come for but I just felt the urge to vent because the clutter of my life itself is getting worse than the clutter in my room. Too bad I’m a stubborn ox.


No Report This Week

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I didn’t get to do any organizing or reviewing this week unless you count trying to get my YouTube backlog cut down. I did try to do some damage to the email backlog but ultimately I focused on getting my comic done. While my next surgery is coming up in a few weeks I really want to focus on getting my work schedule organized so I can get some projects done. The past few months have had crazy weeks where things have gone up late or I had to do some filler thing just to have a post on the other site. I want to be more creative and that was a goal I set for myself this year, but between being sick on and off in February and March, wasting time in April not finding out why, and now this hernia thing plus the vaccinations I haven’t developed the proper work style I want.

I’m hoping to get into one this week and keep it going until the surgery. I can schedule some posts for at least some of the time I’ll be unable to work on stuff but I don’t know how long I’ll be waylaid. The surgeon couldn’t even give me a ballpark estimate of how long someone is usually in the hospital recovering (the internet says a few days but I do typically take longer to heal) and then there’s recovering at home, which will take longer. Even sitting down I can get tired, which is why I missed so many posts in February and March, but if I have a starting point to work from, then when I’m recovered enough I have a flow to get back into that works. I’m hoping this week won’t have any distractions so I can finally at least make an effort to what I’m hoping to be doing.

Hopefully I’ll have a review or something next week, or at least can report I’ve got my backlogs to a more manageable level. Wish me luck and stuff!

Digital Backlog Scramble Before Sick Leave

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I know, it’s a long title but it goes into everything that’s going to be said. In early June I’ll have to do something I was hoping not to do for a long time: go into the hospital for surgery again. This time it’s to deal with a hernia near the area I had the last surgical work done. That means I won’t be posting here for however long it takes to heal up so I can do clutter clearing except to keep you updated on healing so you know when I’ll be de-cluttering again.

Since I’m worried about yet another backlog of emails, DVR, and YouTube I want to take the few weeks I have before then to focus on getting that done. It’s horrendous enough as it is. I’ll try to do some more reviews before its time so there’s something worth reading but that’s what I’ll be doing until I go in and when I get out. Maybe I’ll be able to go on my tablet in the hospital and give me something to do when I get home to recover but I want this pile dealt with as much as possible. I’ll keep you informed, but this is just another example of how this year has been using my physical shell to keep me from getting any of my goals for 2021 met, especially my projects. It’s getting on my nerves, but hopefully this still won’t be as bad as 2016 was.

Yet More Smaller Projects

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I’m reusing too many of the same images for these.

This post is going to be written a bit differently, but in truth I’ll only know it from my end. With the last two I wrote down what I did after the fact. This week I’m writing down what I did after I did it before moving to the next project.

These articles are not as glamorous as the big projects, but I need to do some of these smaller projects to make the big ones easier to manage. I’m making room for these things and that’s what I focused on this week. For example:


More Small Projects

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Last time we discussed a project it was a series of smaller projects rather than one big project, something to try to start me off again after taking so much time off for Christmas and illness, the latter being unplanned. Getting sick numerous times in February and March was a huge problem and basically threw off a lot of my intended plans. It’s tough to take a mental break from projects for both my sites when I’ve lost so much time not being able to do much of anything. I hate getting sick.

This week I had a few more short projects I decided to focus on because they needed to be done so why not use the de-clutter day of my week to do them, what with the distractions this week?