Last time we discussed a project it was a series of smaller projects rather than one big project, something to try to start me off again after taking so much time off for Christmas and illness, the latter being unplanned. Getting sick numerous times in February and March was a huge problem and basically threw off a lot of my intended plans. It’s tough to take a mental break from projects for both my sites when I’ve lost so much time not being able to do much of anything. I hate getting sick.

This week I had a few more short projects I decided to focus on because they needed to be done so why not use the de-clutter day of my week to do them, what with the distractions this week?

  • I had a pile of papers starting to form on my desk. Not wanting them to pile up to the point in the above image I went through them. These were mailings from the bank and reports related to the medical check-ups. I filed what I wanted to keep, shredded what needed to go away without leaving important “about me” info behind, and dropped the rest in the recycle. This is usually the easiest clutter to collect so I’m happy I had a chance to get it while it wasn’t crazy.
  • I went through more emails, trying to get caught up at least for 2021. For the most part I did, using techniques from the big email de-clutter projects I’ve done in the past.
  • Another victim of my sick leaves was actually my YouTube backlog. When you’re tired and your stomach is hurting from gas overload it’s surprisingly hard to pay attention to YouTube when you can’t sit at your computer desk. I need to do something about the tablet and watching videos on your phone is not great when you have no place to set it up to watch it. I suppose it’s okay for stuff that can just be listened to but for shows where the video is important and you can’t really pay attention (and obviously there is no way to organize that stuff) you’re kind of out of luck. I got as far as April 2nd, still far behind given this article goes live on May 2nd was written the night before, but it’s a distraction I need to get out of my way. I have been learning to work around getting videos watched and other projects. I think I may be developing a system but I’m not “there” yet.

Meanwhile my dad did some reorganizing of our silverware and adding shelves to a cheap wine rack we got at…it was either a Goodwill or a Big Lots, I don’t remember which. He wanted the rack to help build a sort of homemade island in the kitchen (as opposed to the one at sea…that may take a bit more material) and using the racks to hold big bottles of soda. We use the smaller ones so he used those holders to put proper shelves to hold storage bags and a few cooking items. So we both did something this week.

I do want to get back to doing a big project but I may up doing a few more smaller ones to get back into the groove. I’ll keep you posted.