I’m reusing too many of the same images for these.

This post is going to be written a bit differently, but in truth I’ll only know it from my end. With the last two I wrote down what I did after the fact. This week I’m writing down what I did after I did it before moving to the next project.

These articles are not as glamorous as the big projects, but I need to do some of these smaller projects to make the big ones easier to manage. I’m making room for these things and that’s what I focused on this week. For example:

  • I did a slight bit of comic organizing. As I’ve pulled a few comics out of my collection to sell I’ve had room in my longboxes to move comics around, and take some off of the shelves and out of the drawers I’ve been putting them in. This actually took the most time of the projects this week but considering one big “hole” in particular it was something that needed doing.
  • There was this little rack I picked up at Staples many years ago to use as an inbox/outbox kind of thing. It’s never been used for that purpose. Instead I store smaller papers I want to hold onto for a while but not really file anyplace. That gets filled with useless stuff now and then so I cleaned that out.
  • I took a nap. Not that the work was exhausting or anything. I was just tired.

I did go through a few emails but fell a bit short of getting caught up with 2021, but only by a few emails I skimmed before and want to dig further into, tutorials and blog posts for example. I was also hoping to make a bigger dent in my YouTube backlog since some of the podcasts and commentaries don’t need to be watched the whole time. Still, I got some stuff done, which is the goal. It may not be as sexy as a huge cleaning project, but the point of these is that these minor projects need to be done. They’re things that can be done over the week and they’ve only piled up in part because I’ve been sick or busy lately. Better late than never I guess, but this is why I hate being sick.