I didn’t get to do any organizing or reviewing this week unless you count trying to get my YouTube backlog cut down. I did try to do some damage to the email backlog but ultimately I focused on getting my comic done. While my next surgery is coming up in a few weeks I really want to focus on getting my work schedule organized so I can get some projects done. The past few months have had crazy weeks where things have gone up late or I had to do some filler thing just to have a post on the other site. I want to be more creative and that was a goal I set for myself this year, but between being sick on and off in February and March, wasting time in April not finding out why, and now this hernia thing plus the vaccinations I haven’t developed the proper work style I want.

I’m hoping to get into one this week and keep it going until the surgery. I can schedule some posts for at least some of the time I’ll be unable to work on stuff but I don’t know how long I’ll be waylaid. The surgeon couldn’t even give me a ballpark estimate of how long someone is usually in the hospital recovering (the internet says a few days but I do typically take longer to heal) and then there’s recovering at home, which will take longer. Even sitting down I can get tired, which is why I missed so many posts in February and March, but if I have a starting point to work from, then when I’m recovered enough I have a flow to get back into that works. I’m hoping this week won’t have any distractions so I can finally at least make an effort to what I’m hoping to be doing.

Hopefully I’ll have a review or something next week, or at least can report I’ve got my backlogs to a more manageable level. Wish me luck and stuff!