Well, it’s almost time for the hernia surgery. It happens this week and I don’t know how long the hospital stay will be. History tells me days, SOME sites tell me it’s minimally invasive outpatient surgery, but everyone agrees I won’t be doing any real lifting for at least two weeks. Not knowing how long I have…which sounds more cryptic than I intend because the chances of something happening to me are I believe even lower than the surgeries I had in 2016…the focus of this weekend and the days leading up are for getting ready for that.

There are small clean-ups I need to do like getting the vaporizer cleaned out and put away for the year, some straightening up, getting things together in case there is a hospital stay (I’ll find out when they call in the next day or so to finally schedule me, making me think it will at least be a brief period and not a lot of pre-operation prep), and any heavy-ish lifting (I do still have a hernia and can’t bend at that location–it seems like a bad idea to burst myself before the operation to solve the problem) I need to do because it will be weeks before I can do much of anything.

To that end I may not be posting anything for the next few weeks or if I do it will be someone else’s video of clutter maintenance and an update on my condition. Unless I do a book report or something it may be too difficult to set up the photo stage and do reviews, and actual projects are definitely not happening until the doctor clears me. Once that’s dealt with though I’m hoping to do some of the stuff this year has denied me so far with other illnesses. Stay healthy and if you can straighten up your own mess, now’s the time to update me on your progress.