I know, wrong kind of “doctor”.

Anyway I thought you might like to know how I’m coming along, especially those who subscribe via WordPress or email. The surgery went well and the hernias are gone, which I think I mentioned in the last update. Then I developed a kidney stone in a really bad location. My urologist opted to go in and remove it manually rather than hope it will go away on its own. I have another stone up there but it isn’t putting me into pain and in six months it’ll be reviewed to see if we can actually zap that sucker out rather than another surgery. Frankly I’m sick of being put out. I’m sick of being tired and tired of being sick.

Next week I do plan a Transformer toy review since that was easy to put together…in theory. I have the pictures done but altogether this has taken a few weeks for me to be up for this. It’s a new one because I think I earned a new Transformer and this is frankly a needed addition to the Bumblebee Shelf. As far as major cleaning, I was able to clean the toilet and dust off a fan plus clean the filter in my air conditioner. That’s not bad considering the year I’ve had. The heavy projects are probably going to take a while longer, but there are some smaller project I can hopefully get started on soon.

So that’s what’s happening to your Clutter Reporter. Toy review hopefully next week and then at some point more clutter-clearing projects and reviews. Just checking in so you know I haven’t checked out.