This week I started on an easy project to work my way back after all the medical issues…or at least I thought that was what would happen. The goal was to collect all my different instruction manuals from various equipment and organize them into one convenient location. They would be arranged so I could find the one I wanted easier. I kind of had that but they were all over the place between my bedroom and the studio. Therein was the problem. After searching every possibly place an electronic manual would be I was reminding that my body had recovered from all the nonsense but my stamina, which was already an issue before the hernia removal, still required building back up. I had to take a nap and it turned out only three locations had the manuals I was looking for. Figures.

I have a lot of stuff scattered in different locations for different reasons. I think I may focus on that for a while instead of the visual clutter, and maybe some of the latter will work itself out as a by-product. This week though this was what I accomplished.

The first thing to do–well, second after finding them all–was to group them properly. A few things had been mixed in with other things and the like so sorting them was the main issue. The sorting went by type of electronic device. I have radios, a TV, air conditioner, R2D2 some of you may remember, various things for the computer, and so on. The thing is I’m not sure I found everything and I don’t really feel like the project would have been completed had I not required that nap. This slowed me down and with the day coming to a close I had to adjust my plans slightly.

The initial plan was to put them into their own folders in the proper order. With my day coming to a close I ended up putting them into the bags I initially had them in, just better organized, and putting them all into one folder. I have to see if I have the file folders I need to organize them the way I wanted and then sort them within those folders. I had to combine a few sections since I only had a few bags available to me at the time, bags that some of the items came with that I repurposed in the original sorting.

Meanwhile my dad did a little organizing of his own this week as he redid the food pantry so we can actually fit stuff inside organized a set of cabinets on the porch, and just yesterday pulled some stuff out of the cookware drawer that we never use. (Mom was the cooking person. We just make food to eat, though he does try some of her easier recipes.) So he got more done than I did but I also am trying to get back into a work flow after missing so much of this year and getting caught up on a few other projects while trying to build up my stamina. I also want to get down to 200 lbs by the end of the year, though based on my height a few more wouldn’t hurt. I’m trying to pull myself together and it’s nice to at least have this done.

The next time I need a manual for some gadget I know right where to look. I may have lost on the specifics but the general goal was still met and given the year I’ve had I’ll take that victory. Eventually though, once I’ve gone through a few other organizing projects that may alter the sorting plan I made, I’ll do this proper and finally be where I want to be on that. I’m getting back into this, even if it’s not as fast as I would like.