I didn’t put the Transformers around the little try like I usually do because I just wasn’t up for it this year. In addition to the issues I talked about last week the weather has just been in this state of eternal blah and the last few days especially both my dad and I have been victims of it, needing to take a nap during the day no matter how long we slept the night before. It’s been a rough year and I’m just happy I was able to get them up at all. Hopefully next year I can find or make a better platform that won’t haveĀ  larger Transformers barely on there while Mini-Con “kids” keep falling over. We’ll see what happens next year.

I’m going to be devoting project time to other things so we’ll hopefully see you for a better 2022. Until then have a Merry Christmas (or your holiday of choice but I hope December 25th is a good day regardless of what you do or don’t celebrate) and a Happy New Year.