Quick Report: More With The Dresser Clothes

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Just a quick follow-up to last week’s report, partly because I accidentally deleted the pictures (this is from last week’s project) and partly because I did a few other projects I needed to do that probably won’t interest this site.

So I did go through the clothes in my dresser to see what fits and what’s in good shape plus the opposite. I already got rid of all the shirts I didn’t need last week. The shorts that I use around the house are all fine as are my swimming shorts but sadly I now only have one pair of going out shorts. Sure I don’t have to worry about that now (it is currently about 10° F out there) but it’s something I’ll have to worry about eventually. Also no issue with the tank tops.

I also did find a better folding system for the shirts, pants, and shorts. Now I can put the tank tops with the shorts. Of course I only have three pair of around the house pants now, and I still need to go through the closets in a later project to see what fits, but now everything is where I wanted to be last week–a drawer for the shirts, one for the pants, and one for the summer clothes. That’s a win.

Reorganizing The Clothes Drawer…Again

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This week is another easy project and one that will have some extra steps over time, possibly even before this post goes live. The goal for this project was to redo the clothes in my dresser, in the hopes of making things easier to find and not shove everything in. I’ll get into why that part wasn’t quite successful this time but will over the next few weeks.

This will be a short one to go over. I will say I didn’t take any picks of the socks and underwear drawer because I’d rather not show my undies to the internet. It’s really the same thing I did with the rest of the project so what I do here I did there as well, just not alongside the other clothes.


Organizing My Art Making Papers

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Luckily, R2 doesn’t get nosebleeds.

Most of the art I do these days are digital, with the “artputer” running Clip Studio Paint. That doesn’t mean I’ve abandoned good ol’ fashioned paper as a thing to draw on though. I still enjoy regular drawing, but for most of my current projects I find digital to be easier. That said the various drawers I have my drawing and other art making paper in are kind of mess. So this week the goal was to make it less of a mess. If I want to find my bristol, my computer paper, my carbon paper, or my construction paper among other paper types I need to make that easier.

These various papers are stored in three different drawers; one drawer is part of the set of metal drawers and the other two the plastic drawers by the desk. This is the first project in Operation: A Place For Everything, which I mentioned but didn’t give a name to in last week’s v-log. The mission is to reassess how I store things and dedicate a particular spot for a particular need. The metal drawer box was already “assigned” to “special papers”, stuff I don’t use very often but might have a use for in the future. The other two I really didn’t designate for any particular purpose so things were not as organized as I’d like. So deciding to start with an easy one for Operation: APFE (I’ll work on that) getting this part of the art corner together seemed like the right way to go.


Special V-Log: The Big 2022 Reassessment

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Most of this v-log is about other projects but I do start with discussing plans for decluttering projects and Clutter Reports related articles this year, which plays into a larger theme for 2022. I get through your stuff early in case you don’t care about the other stuff I work on.

This weekend I’m just going to be taking down the Christmas decorations but I’ll start next week with the project I mentioned in the v-log. Here’s hoping this year I don’t get sick again and can actually accomplish my goals.

Update: Hello, 2022…Please Don’t Be Like 2021!

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I was planning this as a v-log, which I’ll still do later this week. However, I did want to post something so you all knew I was still around. 2021 was that kind of year, what with me getting sick from who knows what and then needing surgery to remove a hernia. It hasn’t helped that over the last few days I’ve really been feeling terrible. Dreams are by nature a bit weird, they only exist in our subconscious or wherever (I’m not anywhere close to being a dream or brain expert) but over the last few days my dreams have felt…”creepy” isn’t the right word, but there’s been a certain unsettling atmosphere to them that would leave me feeling disconnected during the day, like I was wearing my body instead of inhabiting it. I don’t know if it was the weather, which has been unusually warm and wet for the end of December and start of January, or some other issue, which is why I need a few more days to pull myself together. I’m still feeling a bit iffy and frankly it’s a bit scary (I’m not sure if this is mental, medical, or spiritual but with my luck it’s all three) but at least last night I didn’t have that problem. Maybe I just need to get out of this house and do something? Between my own medical issues and the continuing 2020 plague panic I really haven’t gone out much on top of not having the money to go anywhere or anything to do if I did. Even an introverted homebody like myself has limits and I think lately I’ve gone way past those limits, which may be part of my problem as well. All this is why the v-log didn’t get made as well as a few things I wanted to discuss in it not getting done. Once I do those the v-log will happen. I just need a few extra days now thanks to all this.

So if you’re reading this at The Clutter Reports I should have an extra posting for you this week which is the v-log and maybe nothing to report outside of pulling down the Christmas decorations. If you’re reading this at BW Media Spotlight there will (depending on how the mental health thing goes) still be the next Chapter By Chapter review of Star Trek: Prime Directive as the book is nearly done. Expect a full summary book report at The Clutter Reports when that happens. If you’re reading this at The Tronix Tumblr…sorry if this posted more than once; I’ll fix it and if the full post doesn’t come up I’ll post the full thing there. My news really won’t affect the Tumblr much but the other two sites and my YouTube channel will.

The short version is that this year I’m going to be doing a bit more assessing, though I do want to get at least some of the creative projects I was denied doing in 2021 (either due to the aforementioned medical issues or as a side effect of recovery and finding the energy) accomplished in 2022. It depends on how and when I get sick again, so this is less a “I’m going to” and more “I’m going to try”. The assessment stuff in action will be more visible at The Clutter Reports than BW Media Spotlight because that’s just the nature of the sites. A lot of the assessment involves the physical junk around me, but you’ll see more results at BW and I’ll try to keep folks updated. It will all be in the v-log when I get it done.

So I hope your year is starting off well and I’m hoping to resume operations before the month is out. I just have to deal with some mental health issues (and hopefully no other ones) and pull myself together. Hopefully I sound worse than I am and will get back to doing stuff soon, before the week is out God willing. I’ll explain more of 2022’s plans in the v-log (because that went soooooooo well in 2021…did I accomplish ANYTHING I set out to do?) but I just wanted to let you all know what the hold-up is and what’s going on with me. Have a good year, everyone!