This week is another easy project and one that will have some extra steps over time, possibly even before this post goes live. The goal for this project was to redo the clothes in my dresser, in the hopes of making things easier to find and not shove everything in. I’ll get into why that part wasn’t quite successful this time but will over the next few weeks.

This will be a short one to go over. I will say I didn’t take any picks of the socks and underwear drawer because I’d rather not show my undies to the internet. It’s really the same thing I did with the rest of the project so what I do here I did there as well, just not alongside the other clothes.


The first step is obviously to take the clothes out of the drawer. I organized them by t-shirt, collared shirt, pants, shorts, and whatever else there needed to be categories for. Now these are all clothes I wear around the house and aren’t in as good a shape as the ones I wear when I go out. I also decided what should go in which drawer. I don’t consider this part of Operation: A Place For Everything because frankly I change this every few years and Operation: APFE is about permanent homes. It kind of depends on the year I do this reorganizing and I didn’t really get to fit everything in the drawer I wanted anyway.

Before you ask, one drawer is for the pajamas and one for the sheets, so I have four drawers left. Those drawers are just they way I want them or at least the best I can do with them so they didn’t get touched. I may also need to learn a new way to fold them, but there is a next step I need to do first.

What I wanted to do was have all the summer clothes, shorts and tank tops, in one drawer, all the shirts in another, and all the pants in the third. There are drawers I don’t have room to put things so I ended up with things still being in there tight. Had I more time this week I would have just tried on everything and seen what fits or has holes in it and tossed them. There’s no donating this stuff because outside of the jogging pants, which is what I wear around the house except for the summer where I go for shorts, these were all going out clothes that didn’t look as good or had a hole someplace I didn’t mind around the house but didn’t like going out in public. They’re wearable but not in the best of shape. I’m not going to thrown them out if they’re still good for that but if they aren’t I will.

And that will be what I plan to do during the week. I can tell you right now that I don’t need socks and underwear for awhile and if for some reason I end up in the hospital again I’m bringing my own slipper socks because I have WAY too many of those. I only wear them if I go outside and don’t want to walk around in regular socks if I have to take my shoes off before coming in. I don’t like wearing them when I go to other places (too short and not as comfortable as regular socks when I’m wearing shoes) so I don’t need them, but the hospital and convalescent home all but force you to take them home because they can’t use them once they’re handing out, even if you keep them in the package…though that last part may just be the current medical calamity we’re all dealing with.

I’ll update you on how this goes next time, either in place of a proper report (I could do some dusting) or just before it.