Having Cable Box Issues

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We’re having issues with our cable box, namely the DVR function isn’t working right and we can’t record new shows and movies because they get all screwed up. So we have someone coming from the cable company to replace it. And so this weekend I’m trying to watch a lot of the stuff I have just in case storage is in the box and not the cloud. I probably won’t get to watch everything, so I’m focusing on the more important shows and movies.

Obviously this isn’t the project I wanted to do this weekend, but it’s what I ended up needing to do. Hopefully next week I’ll finally have something interesting. Still, don’t let your backlog get so high. Is this proof I needed a break, or to better schedule my life, or something else? I don’t know, but clutter is clutter and it’s not always physical stuff.

A Series Of Minor Projects

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Photo by Jean van der Meulen on Pexels.com, not my actual bathroom

I was hoping last week to take advantage of the book report and clean my bathroom. Last week I had a cold that kept putting me to sleep. I recovered just enough to do that report, so I thought this week would be when I get this done. I got up way late because I had trouble sleeping, so all I had time to do was clean the toilet bowl, which really needed it. I mean it wasn’t stereotype truck stop public restroom bad but not something we wanted to look at. So at least I got that done.

Meanwhile my dad did a bit of cleaning of his own, tossing out a few bit of expired food from the refrigerator and some expired medicine. I put the rest of my focus on trying to get caught up with the emails I didn’t get to read while the cold kept putting me in a coma and trying to push through the YouTube backlog. I’d like to finish January by the end of February and maybe finally be caught up by the end of March. Then again we know how my plans keep getting screwed up. If not, go reread the first paragraph and note the various doctor visits for myself and my dad will be going on that month plus the daily articles I post to the other site. I’m not sure what victory I’m going to be settingling for.

So that’s all I had the chance to do this week. Getting sick sucks and my schedule is still a mess. That’s not an excuse, just another obstacle I have to climb to finally get this place into shape.

Book Report> Star Trek: Prime Directive

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I have quite a few Star Trek novels, mostly from the original series but I do have a few from The Next Generation while the only Deep Space Nine or Voyager novels I have were part of that crossover horror storyline “Invasion”. I didn’t get anything from the other series, including at least one series that was original to the Simon & Shuster novels. The last Star Trek novel I reviewed was a possible first mission for the USS Enterprise with Jim Kirk as captain, which I thought was okay but things were a bit off for me. I’ve also reviewed a comic trade collection that revisited the Mirror Universe. So now that we’re caught up with Star Trek book reports it’s time for the next one.

Published by Simon & Shuster’s Pocket Book division in September, 1991, Prime Directive is one of many novels written by the wife and husband team of Judith And Garfield Reeves-Stevens. Told in four parts over numerous chapters, you would think by the title, especially if you’re a Star Trek fan, that this is a story involving the titular Prime Directive, Starfleet General Order #1. A response to colonialism and not wanting to repeat old mistakes when there are so many new ones to make, the order sets ground rules for when to get involved in the affairs of non-Federation worlds, especially ones that haven’t had first contact yet. As a storytelling tool it’s often been abused by writers. I recommend checking out SF Debris’ examination of the Prime Directive in writing in the follow-up video to his review of the Enterprise episode “Dear Doctor” for more on that. This was a book I couldn’t remember if I had read, though as I went through it I realized I had read it a long time ago so it was a semi-new experience for me. I was curious how two well-praised writers of novels and television including and beyond this franchise handled the Prime Directive. The short answer is…they didn’t.


March Of The Android Devices

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Part of Operation: A Place For Everything is finding a use for it. If I have no use then the place it goes is away. To that end I’ve been deciding the best use for these devices: my old tablet (which I did an unboxing and later a review for and is since old and has terrible storage for modern needs plus some apps won’t run on it), my old smartphone (with storage also no longer big enough to the point where I had to get a new phone just to be able to update anything), and my dad’s unused smartphone (never send a smartphone to someone in their 70s, phone companies) that I’ve been using as a sort of “mini-tablet”. I wanted to come up with definite uses for these devices, and that was this week’s project.

Not in this picture is my current smartphone which I used to take the pictures because obviously the other devices were busy being photographed. Luckily I do have uses for all of these devices, though I really don’t need another one outside of maybe replacing the tablet someday, maybe with a Windows tablet instead of an Android device like the others. That’s going to be a long wait but what I have will serve my current needs.