Sorry, the window was brighter than I thought.

I like wearing hats when I go out. I just liked collecting a few as a kid and I’ve picked up a few more since, but I like wearing hats more as an adult than I did as a kid. I didn’t hate wearing them, I’m just more into wearing them when I’m out now. To keep them organized my mom opted not to just use a hat rack but picked up a pot and pan rack (I think that’s what that is) thinking it could hold more hats. It would if the hats weren’t falling all over each other. It’s kind of a mess and kind of a pain to get one hat without a bunch of them falling behind the couch, plus it doesn’t look very nice. This week’s project was to try to fix that a bit and find a different way to have the hats on there.

I had tested one way to get the hats on there and it seemed to be holding. So it was just a matter of doing it for all the hats…or at least the hats I could. By the time I was done, I also had a couple of donations and eliminations do I decluttered a bit as well. That’s a nice bonus.

Not all the images are this blurry. This just wasn’t my project for good photography.

I had the hats just hanging, but what if I folded the back of the hat in, like they do at the stores? Those are on a shelf and usually just a big line of the same hat, but it would mean they wouldn’t be hanging nearly as high and thus the hats wouldn’t be crawling all over each other. For most of my hats this seemed to work.

This didn’t work for all the hats mind you. I’ve gotten a couple of painters’ caps and they don’t fold in like that. Plus a couple of old hats that were in the baseball cap style still wouldn’t stay put in that position because they weren’t designed strong enough. I ended up hanging them on the final line of hooks. The others had a benefit I didn’t plan on. I needed two hooks to hold them in place and on the middle shelf the pegs above it would hold the hat between the brim and the pegs underneath the hat. It held firm and I really wasn’t expecting that.

For the winter a cap isn’t going to cut it. So I also have stocking caps. I was just gifted the patriotic looking one, which is what inspired this project. I also have a heavy cap for colder days, a thinner cap for just chilly days, a stocking mask that folds up to form a hat, and that’s really all I need. Another cap and non-folding mask were too small so I’m adding those to the donate pile.

Visors are something I don’t wear anymore. I prefer to wear the caps. The Mystic Seaport visor is made of cheap material. I got it as a kid when we went down there on vacation. The darn thing’s stapled together. While I would like to have a memento of that trip I don’t otherwise see the point of keeping this. The other visor isn’t see-through but does have a built-in radio, with an earpiece that plugs into the hat. I don’t know if the radio doesn’t work, the earpiece is busted, or something is wrong with the cord connecting the two but this doesn’t work anymore, and being AM all I could pick up is one talk radio station, and I can’t even do that now. These will be thrown away. Maybe I could get another visor in the future but I wear caps and over-the-glasses sunglasses so I don’t see a personal need for them.

It’s too bad this is post 501 because this would have made a better 500th post in this site than what I had last week. The hats are now easier to get to without digging through hats, looks better, and at some point I could organize them further if I decided to be anal about it…put them in alphabetical order or something silly like that. I don’t think I will. Sometimes the last hat I wore ends up on the coat rack because I wear the same one for a while before switching over, but this is better than a stack of hats on my coat rack because my hat rack is too much of a pain to go through. It’s nice when I can fully complete a clutter project.