Quick Report: DVRed Again

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So this week I was supposed to get more dusting done. It seems the universe continues to hold me back whenever possible and using my media addictions against me. We ordered a new DVR box from the cable company but that means losing all the recordings we have. So I’ve had to push through what I can versus what won’t repeat again and can’t find online. Even then there are movies and shows I’m not going to finish. It’s annoying but since our current box won’t record or pause live video…you know, the reasons you get a DVR box in the first place, there’s not much I can do about that. Our old cable company (seen above because I don’t have pictures of the current company’s boxes in the media library for this site) stored on the cloud, which is better for us, probably not for the cable company.

So I guess that’s a bit of clutter gone whether I want it to or not. Less distraction. Now if I could just get caught up on everything else.


A Dusting We Will Go

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Photo by Jean van der Meulen on Pexels.com

This week it wasn’t just the toilet that needed cleaning. I had some serious dusting to do…as in some of it was so caked on I needed cleaner to remove it. Despite how little I’ve been able to dust the past few years I don’t think that alone was the problem. Apparently wiping off surface dust wasn’t enough.

Unfortunately, as regular readers know, I’ve come off a few years of major medical issues and am rather out of shape. I was only able to get half the bathroom done before my energy levels dropped out. Before I could do the whole thing THEN pass out. So I’m going to be finished that either during the week or for project Saturday next week.

This isn’t the only dusting I want to do though. We’ve been letting this go for years due to various medical and other issues myself and my dad, and to tell you how long it’s been even with my late mother, and Dad really wants to get this house cleaned up. Given how much dust I have in my living space alone because I haven’t dusted up here seriously in God alone knows how long, I’m going to be focused on that, while also trying to find time to work on my other site and list more comics for sale, if only to have a price to sell them for when I have another option than the Clutter For Sale section of this site. The fact that I’ve sold anything is kind of amazing.

So I will work to do a few reviews of things I’m deciding whether or not to keep, but I also may end up missing weeks to focus on overdue dusting. I started The Clutter Reports to get myself to clean, organize, and declutter, and if writing an article actually makes that more difficult then it’s actually working against its purpose. So there will be reviews or missed posts for at least the rest of April and possibly part of May while I get this long overdue project complete. Before May is out we should be back to the usual projects and reviews properly timed. So um…pardon my dust I guess.

Seeking A Comic Price Guide

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This is what I posted to my Twitter feed. (My official Twitter is for my main website; The Clutter Reports being a side project it doesn’t have its own Twitter.) Let me back up a bit and explain where this comes from, but that’s this week’s topic.

The plan this week was to price up a bunch of my comics and put them on the Clutter For Sale page. Given my low reader count the odds of selling it there are quite low. The two sales I’ve made are a fluke and I know it. I want to be able to list them on other services where I have a better chance of selling them. Also, it’s a list for myself of what I have to sell and what they might be worth selling for. However, to sell any of them anywhere I want to find out what they’re worth. While part of me wants to sell them for what I paid them for, that’s kind of silly when I really need the money. Not to mention that some comics may have gone down in value rather than up so if I price them too high they won’t sell, while if I sell them too low I lose out on money I could really use.

For this I need a price guide. Note that it’s a guide. It’s not a given that it will sell at the price they list and it does depend on condition, though most of my comics are in very good condition at least. So I went searching around, using a few different search engines in the hopes of finding something that would give me some prices to go by. You’d think with all the websites out there I’d find a few, average the prices listed between the sites, and come up with a fair price based on the condition of the comic. As you can guess from that tweet, I was not successful.


Quick Report: Update On The Comics Project

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The report may be quick but this project took all day. If you’ve been here long enough you’ve already been exposed to the “mega project” of organizing and cutting down my comic book collection. Well, that tied into the project I really wanted to do this week: getting these comics out from under my art corner desk. I’ve grown tired of the limited foot room since I can’t put my feet through this particular stack of comics. I’ve pulled a number of comics from my collection and I was hoping there would be room to finally put those comics into those drawers.