The report may be quick but this project took all day. If you’ve been here long enough you’ve already been exposed to the “mega project” of organizing and cutting down my comic book collection. Well, that tied into the project I really wanted to do this week: getting these comics out from under my art corner desk. I’ve grown tired of the limited foot room since I can’t put my feet through this particular stack of comics. I’ve pulled a number of comics from my collection and I was hoping there would be room to finally put those comics into those drawers.


As in these drawers. I have so many comics right now that the cardboard longboxes weren’t enough and I don’t have room for more. I picked up a series of wheeled drawers in the hopes of being able to move them around better but the comics combined are too heavy for the cheap holes the casters go into, killing that plan. I’ve still been using them along with the longboxes but I was hoping to cut down enough that I could get that pile from under my art desk.

The good news is I have and this problem was solved. The bad news is that while shifting the empty spaces forward so I could move the comics around I learned some of the later comics, around the “S” and “T” comics I somehow forgot how the alphabet works and there are some mix-ups I’m going to have to deal with in the future. This project took all afternoon and I think I hurt my back a bit. This is the first bit of serious physical work I’ve done since the hernia removal and while there doesn’t appear to be any serious damage I was too tired to care. I completed my goal and I’m satisfied with that for now. Still, it’s nice to be able to lift things again.

I still need to figure out how to get rid of all these comics I don’t want as well as better organizing the ones I do. I don’t know what the comic store will be willing to buy and I need a way to sell them beyond the Clutter For Sale section, which I can still use to remember the prices I want to sell them for so I need to work that into my schedule. Point is I was successful, my feet have a place to go when I’m doing art stuff, and that’s good enough for this week.