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This week it wasn’t just the toilet that needed cleaning. I had some serious dusting to do…as in some of it was so caked on I needed cleaner to remove it. Despite how little I’ve been able to dust the past few years I don’t think that alone was the problem. Apparently wiping off surface dust wasn’t enough.

Unfortunately, as regular readers know, I’ve come off a few years of major medical issues and am rather out of shape. I was only able to get half the bathroom done before my energy levels dropped out. Before I could do the whole thing THEN pass out. So I’m going to be finished that either during the week or for project Saturday next week.

This isn’t the only dusting I want to do though. We’ve been letting this go for years due to various medical and other issues myself and my dad, and to tell you how long it’s been even with my late mother, and Dad really wants to get this house cleaned up. Given how much dust I have in my living space alone because I haven’t dusted up here seriously in God alone knows how long, I’m going to be focused on that, while also trying to find time to work on my other site and list more comics for sale, if only to have a price to sell them for when I have another option than the Clutter For Sale section of this site. The fact that I’ve sold anything is kind of amazing.

So I will work to do a few reviews of things I’m deciding whether or not to keep, but I also may end up missing weeks to focus on overdue dusting. I started The Clutter Reports to get myself to clean, organize, and declutter, and if writing an article actually makes that more difficult then it’s actually working against its purpose. So there will be reviews or missed posts for at least the rest of April and possibly part of May while I get this long overdue project complete. Before May is out we should be back to the usual projects and reviews properly timed. So um…pardon my dust I guess.