This fell slightly short of being a “quick project”. So I had trouble sleeping Friday night…again, but this time I was able to actually get some organizing done that I wanted to do last week. This is a shelf on the bottom of my art desk. As a former computer desk I guess this was an option for where the computer could go…provided you could turn it on and off with your toe? I don’t remember how I had the computer on this one though I don’t remember getting on the floor any time I wanted to load a disk or CD. Anyway it became a junk shelf until it was blocked by two big piles of comics. Since I was finally able to move those it was time to go after this.

It wasn’t a hard project and only took a few hours, though there are parts I need to still do, possibly next week and hopefully with a bit more sleep, but I got the important part done and that works for me. Let’s go over what I did, because otherwise this isn’t much of a report.

Of course the first thing was to pull everything out of there. Thankfully getting up and down is easier than it has been though clearly I still need to work these knees. Down here were comics, old VHS tapes, and some other assorted junk.


I wonder if that book would have helped me had I actually read it?

The various papers is part of what I have to go through, so for now they’re off to the side. This includes some envelopes and thanks to Operation: A Place For Everything I now have a spot for them to go, where their manila buddies are waiting for them.

The videotapes are ones I’ve replaced with DVDs or just aren’t interested in. This is the other part of what’s left to do, and what I want to focus on for next week; pricing them and putting them on the Clutter For Sale section until I can find a better way to send them out. I’ll keep any videotapes that doesn’t have a DVD release because they were that old and obscure or I just haven’t had the chance to replace yet but when I have a format that fits better on the shelf and doesn’t break down as bad (nothing lasts forever) like magnetic tape I don’t see a reason to hold on to them. Plus one of them is a fansub of the firstĀ Godzilla movie which I already have officially thanks to the Criterion Collection. Why settle?

Ignore the cassette on the left. It was the better shot and I had to edit out my feet.

Then there were some comics under there. I’m not sure why the normal sized comics weren’t just in my regular comic collection but I’ll be doing a readjustment soon so I can fix that. The larger book I have a place for, but I’m curious if I can put the hardcover graphic novel of the Bible I have just underneath thisĀ Doctor Who magazine comic collection. I also found an old catalog that I’m guessing will be among the expelled, some other papers I need to go over, and a tap light I have no other place for currently. Additionally I have a second storage box for floppy disks or computer CDs, which is a shade of projects yet to come that got stalled with the game of musical computers.

In the end I stuck that box, the video tapes, and the missing Decepticon tech spec photo album book (now if I can just remember where I put the Autobot one) down here and it will be much easier to go through some of this in the future. The other papers I need to go over and put in their proper spot: in with my books, in with my comics, in with my envelopes, or in with my trash. I even found a notebook under there that I should go over since I have a spot for them as well. Overall it was a successful project, with some tiding up to do during the week and Saturday. It’s nice to get something done on at least one project.