Transformer Collecting For The Declutterer

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While failing to get caught up on my YouTube backlog I came upon a video by toy and media reviewer TJ Omega that got me thinking about collecting Transformers when space is an issue, given the current overflow of new Transformers toys. My current collection is probably only eclipsed by my comic and home video library…and I’m not even sure about the home videos. Being unemployed means I really haven’t had the chance to get more in years, and given the current space (or lack thereof) that may be for the best.

If you go to the store or a site like Amazon (there aren’t a lot of toy store options in the US and the toy section in regular department and clearance stores are disappearing faster than the department store) you’ll find not only mainline Transformers figures from Hasbro, already made up of multiple lines targeting kids and/or adult collectors, but licensed merchandise, home video releases of the show, collections of the comics, various types of prose books, and it seems the variations just keep on coming. Watch the video for yourself and see how far you get in all the different lines both transforming and statue that are coming out. Then return to reading as I have what I think is some good advice about how to balance collecting with de-cluttering while bringing up a few things not in the video.



Quick Report: Burning Through E-Mails

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Taking time off from the other site to get rid of some distractions came with mixed success this week. The goal was to get caught up on my e-mails. I managed to get my personal box cleaned out recent, which was a nice victory, but the one I use for most of my projects still had a huge build-up from my 2016 medical crises (yes, sadly more than one) that I’ve been fighting to keep out of the 1000s for a while now.

Added to the problem is that for some reason I didn’t sleep well this week because I had…well, some of you might be eating. Suffice it to say my waste disposal issues came into play. It cut the time that I had to go through the various virtual letters, newsletters, and advertisements, and there were a lot of them. Losing part of a day to a brief power outage thanks to a storm that hit the state didn’t help any. Adding to the time issue was that some of them were rather long videos, some as short as 4-8 minutes or something but others reaching almost a half hour. That’s in addition to the YouTube backlog I barely scratched the surface of, and some of them that were YouTube hosted videos I shoved into my ever expanding “watch later” list, which means the other backlog that I’ll have to burn through if I ever get the recent videos backlog dealt with. I’m still trying to catch up with May on that one. More advantageous was anything that was outdated or wasn’t something I was interested in among the other things in the newsletter I was just went away while I focused on evergreen stuff or things that I really wanted to check into. Hopefully I haven’t missed anything interesting, but I’m pretty sure I didn’t miss anything important.

As it stands however, as I write this, I did manage to get up to 2020 in the project-tied e-mails, so while not a complete victory it’s certainly better that I had. With luck I can polish this off after you read this and get on to the last thing I wanted to do before resuming my other website. Whether that will be both things I wanted to do or just one depends on how long those things take plus an event that probably won’t let me work on the computer at all for a day, so I already know I’m going to lose a day. Still, the most distractions I can get rid of the sooner I can stop holding ground and finally move forward. All the medical issues (save Crohn’s and allergies) are dealt with and it’s time to finally get rid of the rest of the garbage 2016 saddled me with and get on with what I really want to be doing. I’ll take the light though I’d really like to get out of this @#$# tunnel now, thank you very much.

END OF THE DAY UPDATE!: I am now completely caught up with my emails! Now there’s just YouTube, the DVR, the RSS feed…

Just A Random Report

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I didn’t do any real projects this week unless you count putting the air mattress back in place after finally getting a chance to patch the air bladder. Still waiting a few weeks sleeping on it to see if the air holds (after finding the right inflation because it’s been a while) before getting rid of the sagging mattress I got from my cousin just so I’d have something to sleep on. I needed a folded blanket in the sag to sleep on it but that plan is slowly losing ground. So if you want a major project report that was pretty much it.

I took the whole month of July off of my regular storytelling review site in order to recharge my creative energies. In addition it seems like at least one day a week something important is happening, like a family gathering or one of us going to the doctor, plus July 13th is my birthday and I tend to take that week off anyway if I can’t pre-schedule something. We all need a break now and then, so I guess this week was also my decluttering break. I should be back to it next week, if only to keep my writing going during the month break.

Part of that break includes some overdue “backstage” work on the other site: relinking videos, I just finished updating my media library descriptions so I can reuse images in other articles, and modifying a few sections as well as finally getting caught up on emails and articles that I’ll hopefully be doing this week. In addition I’m hoping to finally finish off my YouTube backlog so that isn’t handing over my head. The next step of course is to ensure I don’t have another email, article, and YouTube backlog but that will depend on my medical state as much as it will better scheduling on my part. So that’s all I really have to report this week. Hope your decluttering and organizing is going well as is your day.

Redoing The Cubby Hole

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This week is another one of those projects where I do the next phase of a previous project. In this case it’s the cubby hole. Last time I didn’t post the finished part of the project. I did find a different location for the bike helmet and that opened up a little room. However, over time what I had in there got a bit messy as I tried to find stuff. This week the goal was to make it easier to find things, and I got to move something to a new location.

Operation: A Place For Everything received both a win and evidence that I still need to find places for everything. This is the longest I call stall this intro so apologies for those coming in on the homepage.


Book Report> Robotech: Before The Invid Storm

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Robotech: Before The Invid Storm

By James Luceno (as Jack McKinney)

published by Del Rey Books (April, 1996; 1st edition)

I was going to have this for next week but due to new events I finished it up this week. As usual I did a chapter by chapter review of the book for my other site, but with only the epilogue left and needing to take July off from said site due to a busy month and some “backstage” stuff I’ve been wanting to do I moved things up. So this week is the final review.

Robotech was a US TV series born of desperation. Originally Harmony Gold wanted to simply adapt the Japanese animated series Superdimensional Fortress Macross into an American dub but there weren’t enough episodes for a full weekday series (about 13-16 weeks worth at the time) and not enough for a weekend run without multiple seasons, if the show took off at all. So they grabbed two other anime, Superdimension Calvary Southern Cross (no connection) and Genesis Climber MOSPEADA, and created Robotech, using the name of a series of model kits by Revell that used Macross and other anime mecha as their product. Comico The Comic Company produced the comic adaptations back in the 1980s.

Ever since then comics and novels have continued the story when attempts by Harmony Gold to build on the lore producer and head writer Carl Macek came up with to merge the three shows as seamlessly as possible, trying to fill holes like where the heroes of the first war disappeared to or tying the three invading forces together through the alien Robotechnology and the protoculture power source that allows the pilot to handle transforming airplanes as well as other genetic experimentation. The biggest was Robotech II: The Sentinels, an attempt to explain what happened to the heroes of the first war among other elements important to the other two, as the Invid again became the threat. Due to various financial issues and some miscommunication it never got past five episodes but again comics and novels took Macek’s plans and ran with them. For our purposes the novels were handled by “Jack McKinney”, the pen name for the writing team of James Luceno and Brian Daley. They had previously worked on the novelization of the Robotech episodes (the books collecting a group of episodes to form a full-length novel) as well as making original stories and their own take on Sentinels, sometimes contradicting the comics I hear, but this was the only novel I picked up.

Robotech: Before The Invid Storm is an 18 chapter novel with a prologue and epilogue. It seeks to explain the fate of the heroes of the Second Robotech War and the transition Earth was going through as it awaited the coming of the Invid. By this point Daley had passed away from pancreatic cancer, just after finishing a series of audio adaptations of Return Of The Jedi. Luceno retained the pen name when working on this book and it’s his story alone. I’m assuming using the pen name was both (or either) a tribute to their joint friendship and working partner ship as well as making it easier for the long time readers to know at least one of the authors was the same “guy” from the previous novels and novelizations. I think that’s enough intro, though. Let’s get into the book itself.