This week is another one of those projects where I do the next phase of a previous project. In this case it’s the cubby hole. Last time I didn’t post the finished part of the project. I did find a different location for the bike helmet and that opened up a little room. However, over time what I had in there got a bit messy as I tried to find stuff. This week the goal was to make it easier to find things, and I got to move something to a new location.

Operation: A Place For Everything received both a win and evidence that I still need to find places for everything. This is the longest I call stall this intro so apologies for those coming in on the homepage.

Here’s the win. This is a pair of binoculars that can also take pictures. I still need to find time to mess with that and see if I can get it to work. There’s also a question of whether or not I need it since I don’t do a lot of sightseeing and I have a better pair of non-camera binoculars. It’s kind of old but maybe I should start doing stuff like this rather than focusing on larger projects all the time. This is odd given an article I wrote recently for my other site on the subject of how “epic” is killing smaller stories and here I am focusing on larger projects when going through stuff like this, despite the time it would take, is important too. I’ve also taken the month off from that site due to life events and some backstage maintenance I’ve been wanting to do over there for a while. So maybe I should take some of that thought process and put it towards this project. At any rate I moved it to the electronics drawer I didn’t have when I did this project originally.

And here’s the “still need a place for this thing”. These ties may not be in the best of shape (the clip-on is in really bad shape and since I can tie one of these now I may not need it) but considering how little I use them that’s not an issue. It’s there for an emergency of sorts. However, I don’t have a place to put them in the clothing drawers or the closet. I need to figure that out but I was running out of time Friday (I had plans on Saturday that ended up falling through) so I just found a place to put them in there for now.

I’m trying to figure out what to do with this Polaroid camera. They don’t make the kind of film this camera uses anymore as film cameras are now the avenue of enthusiasts who prefer to have time in the darkroom to instant cameras. Nowadays your phone has a camera built-in or you get a high end DSLR and if you actually want a physical copy you just print it out when you get home. You can see on the screen if the shot was any good or if you need to retake it and typically these have more storage space than the 10 or 12 pictures this would produce. (No, those boxes don’t have film. They have the manuals and stuff for this camera.) I need to see if this is worth anything or if there are even options for using it. Still want to keep the bag either way.

My old View Master and reels are packed away but we have this one as well. This is my late mother’s View Master, made of metal rather than the all-plastic one I got. There are also some cool reels that were also my mom’s, including one from a trip to Disneyland she made as a child. I’m not really sure I want to part with these, though I’m sure they’d be worth something to collectors. If anything I want to dig out my old reels and get a dose of nostalgia.

Then we have the action figures. A bunch of them I wanted to use as knickknacks because if I’m going to have little statues of things I want them posable and able to set up cool dioramas I can change at a whim. Nowadays not so much. Some of the more articulated figures I want to use for art models but the rest I may end up getting rid of with a few exceptions because of whatever tie I have to them, like Donatello from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles lines or that lone Bionicle I still think would make a good display piece. The rest I may do some deep thinking on and I’ll let you know if they end up on the Clutter For Sale page in the future.

Now this I’m sure I want to part with because I made these. They’re fake wrestling belts made out of comic backing boards, heavy construction paper, and decorative tape. You can even wear them thanks to the Velcro dots. I had them hanging from my wall with mounting tape but given how warm it gets up here even with the air conditioner they didn’t stay up forever. Gravity and a slanted wall because it doubles as the roof will do that. I’m trying to figure out how to display them because I am proud of these even though I don’t really watch wrestling anymore.

This is an old picture but nothing’s changed here except I have a use for the tap light now.

So now the right side of the cubby hole is more organized. The left side however is another story. The Pez dispenser collection is still in that tin. The small photo album is there for now until I find a better place, and there are things I need to go through to see what I do and don’t want or need. Still, it’s a more organized mess and I can better look around to find things in here. It’s one of those works in progress you get doing a bit a week. I did get some knowledge about how to proceed in the future and the other half is nice and clean. So it’s at least a partial victory.