I didn’t do any real projects this week unless you count putting the air mattress back in place after finally getting a chance to patch the air bladder. Still waiting a few weeks sleeping on it to see if the air holds (after finding the right inflation because it’s been a while) before getting rid of the sagging mattress I got from my cousin just so I’d have something to sleep on. I needed a folded blanket in the sag to sleep on it but that plan is slowly losing ground. So if you want a major project report that was pretty much it.

I took the whole month of July off of my regular storytelling review site in order to recharge my creative energies. In addition it seems like at least one day a week something important is happening, like a family gathering or one of us going to the doctor, plus July 13th is my birthday and I tend to take that week off anyway if I can’t pre-schedule something. We all need a break now and then, so I guess this week was also my decluttering break. I should be back to it next week, if only to keep my writing going during the month break.

Part of that break includes some overdue “backstage” work on the other site: relinking videos, I just finished updating my media library descriptions so I can reuse images in other articles, and modifying a few sections as well as finally getting caught up on emails and articles that I’ll hopefully be doing this week. In addition I’m hoping to finally finish off my YouTube backlog so that isn’t handing over my head. The next step of course is to ensure I don’t have another email, article, and YouTube backlog but that will depend on my medical state as much as it will better scheduling on my part. So that’s all I really have to report this week. Hope your decluttering and organizing is going well as is your day.