Well, so much for the exciting category. Yes, this week’s project is something other than what I’ve been working on, but it’s not very exciting…though that won’t stop me from trying because at least there is something to work with. I have to choose which humidifier is going to be the one I’m using from here out. See, my dad didn’t like the one I was using because he thought it was too much trouble. It didn’t bother me at the time but he got me one similar to the one he uses in his bedroom for me to use in mine.

Quite honestly I think it is the better one.

I’ll go into why but there’s also something else I had to do with both of them because I made a mistake and this week I had to correct it. As autumn is now going and winter is close behind the humidity is going down. I’ve been noticing my skin is getting a bit drier and as someone who already has to deal with dry skin and staying hydrated because of the Crohn’s and it’s related issues as well as my various sinus issues this week it was time to start using the humidifier again. Although maybe I should have drained the water out before I stopped using them.